Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 1973 Press Articles

In 1973 stories and advertisements began to increase rapidly. There are numerous newspaper articles about Prem Rawat posted here from 1973 when Rawat was 16 years old.

Controversy raised a very ugly head over the near murder of Pat Halley who threw a shaving cream pie into God's face

Controversy and derision soon began once it became known that the guru who offered perfect peace and bliss had an ulcer

He was interviewed by the major German newspaper, Der Spiegel (The Mirror)

The irony implicit in this headline was still unknown, except to the DLM insiders who already were deceiving the media and the premies by withholding the truth about the so-called "Holy Family".

Millenium 73, "the most significant event in the history of humanity"

But the most newsworthy aspect of Prem Rawat's mission was the membership and outspokeness of Rennie Davis.
Rennie was quite straightforward: "I would cross the planet on my hands and knees to touch his toe"

Two articles about Divine Light Mission in The Living Daylights, an Australian counter culture newspaper