Letter to the Editor

Divine Light Mission
From Mr Glen Whittaker

Sir, Mr Milner, in his article on the Divine Light Mission (September 29), has been much less than fair in his criticisms. What the Mission means to six million devotees is not the promise of infinite peace, but through Guru Maharaj Ji's "Knowledge," the practical experience of it and this is a different thing. We hear promises every day but only the Perfect Master can give us directly that experience which is the eternal truth.

The "Knowledge" of Guru Maharaj Ji is of simple and gentle inner meditation, peacefully bestowed and peacefully practised. It does not involve chanting, promises or imagination. The Knowledge is perfect but that it is, is a matter of practical experience. Guru Maharaj Ji says, "You should believe nothing until you have proof." Old ladies, children, housewives and businessmen - ordinary people with no time for the outlandish or esoteric - have received it and practise it daily, becoming more peaceful, tolerant and understanding, and loving the Guru who has taught them - at no cost whatsoever - the means to be so. The remarkable success of the "Knowledge" in curing drug addicts is now widely recognized by doctors, social workers and magistrates.

The "Knowledge", in fact, is neither eastern nor western; it is the essence of religion, the goal of science and the aim of human life, and Guru Maharaj Ji is revealing it today.

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary,
Divine Light Mission,
72 Grove Vale, SF22.
October 1l.