15-Year-Old Guru Teaches 'Perfectness'

The revolution is coming - the internal revolution of each individual, says Guru Maharaj Ji whose mission is to establish peace in the world.

The 15-year-old Perfect Master, who lives in India, has an estimated following of 50,000 in this country including a dedicated group in Fayetteville, which emulates his teachings of the knowledge of truth.

A Perfect Master, says Maharaj Ji, is "a man who teaches you perfectness," which is attained through knowledge, a matter of experience.

The teachings of the Guru are focused in Divine Light Centers. Eleven people operate the Divine Light Center at 5159 Highbridge St., Fayetteville; there are about 50 followers in this area.

Meetings are at 7:30 p.m. daily at the center and 7:30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesday in the Feinstone Room of the Bird Library on the Syracuse University campus.

According to Jon Lichtman, general secretary of the center, the teachings of Guru Maharaj Ji are not religious, but rather a means of "attaining perfect peace of mind."

"If you come to me with a guileless heart you will surely receive this most ancient spiritual knowledge, which, if practiced upon, will give us perfect peace of mind," said Guru Maharaj Ji.

He, and many of his followers, can be heard from 5 to 5:30p.m. Sunday on WSOQ radio in broadcasts from Denver, Colo., national headquartees of the movement. "And It Is Divine," the magazine published by the Divine Light Mission is available on many newsstands.

Guru Maharaj Ji has visited the United States twice on world tours and will be coming again soon, said Lichtman. The first two visits were organizational, the next visit will expand on the belief structure.

A national conference will be November 8, 9, and 10 in Houston where the Astrodome has been rented. About 80,000 people are expected to celebrate Guru Maharaj Ji's father's birthday.

Jon Lichtman said that anyone interested in finding out more about Guru Maharaj Ji may contact the center or attend the nightly meetings.