A-6 INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) Long Beach, Calif., Wed., August 8, 1973
Newspaper Article re Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji


DETROIT (UPI) -- A bearded young man pulled a shaving cream pie out of a bouquet of roses and slapped it into Guru Maharaj Ji's face, then said, "I always wanted to throw a pie in God's face."

The 15-year-old Indian guru was appearing before the Detroit Common Council at the time of the incident Tuesday. The council was considering a special testimonial resolution for him.

The shaving cream dripped down the Guru's broad face and onto the front of his suit.

The pie thrower identified himself as Pat Halley, 22, a reporter for the anti-establishment Detroit newspaper Fifth Estate.

Maharaj Ji said, "I just want to apologize to that person who did that to me. I do not want him arrested or hurt. If someone doesn't understand something, he cannot be responsible for what he does."

Halley escaped from the grasp of guards.

Councilman David Eberhard, a Lutheran minister, objected to the resolution, which honored the guru for working toward peace, love and unity. His own religion, Everhard said, made the situation a conflict of interest. "I can't be part of supporting a fake," Eberhard said.