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Radical Davis Says Salvation Attainable Through Maharaj Ji
Published On 5/2/1973

Much of the crowd that filled Lowell Lecture Hall last night had come less to hear the speech in honor of Maharaj Ji than to see the speaker. For Rennie Davis, radical activist and one of the Chicago Seven, is now a follower of the 15-year-old perfect spiritual master.

Davis's message - sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Divine Light Club, and delivered to a capacity crowd - was that the movement of the sixties can find its fulfillment in acceptance of the guru. "Through this seeming madness, the vision of May Day, or workers no longer needing to serve a capitalist society, … is a very, very, very practical reality."

Davis also claimed that fellow Chicago Seven defendant Jerry Rubin was receiving instruction at an Ashram, or holy place of the sect.

"No one appreciates more than me" Davis said, "how outrageous this whole thing seems. But it is happening."