Guru Lathered by Non-Believer

DETROIT (UPI) - A bearded young man pulled a shaving cream pie out of a bouquet of roses and slapped it into Guru Maharaj Ji's face, then said, "I always wanted to throw a pie in God's face."

The 15-year-old Indian guru was appearing before the Detroit Common Council at the time of the incident Tuesday. The council was considering a special testimonial resolution for him.

The shaving cream dripped down the Guru's broad face and onto the front of his suit.

"This was probably nothing like the nails through Jesus Christ," he said.

The pie thrower identified himself as Pat Halley, 22, a reporter for the anti-establishment Detroit newspaper Fifth Estate. "The Guru is just a slick businessman," Halley said.

I always wanted to throw a pie in God's face," he said "God represents the ultimate in authority and I represent the ultimate in disrespect for authority." The guru," Halley said, "was radiating dollar signs of peace and love."

"Maharaj Ji said, "I just want to apologize to that person who did that to me. I do not want him arrested or hurt. If someone doesn't understand something, he cannot be responsible for what he does."

Halley escaped from the grasp of guards.

Councilman David Eberhard, a Lutheran minister, objected to the resolution, which honored the guru for working toward peace, love and unity. His own religion, Everhard said, made the situation a conflict of interest. "I can't be part of supporting a fake," Eberhard said.

He was the only person voting against the testimonial resolution - the first time in recent council history that anyone did not support such a resolution.

The guru is on a tour of the United States, and was making a stop before a formal speaking engagement Saturday in Detroit. He said he has the key to a greater spiritual unity, and the ability to dispense perfect knowledge.