New York Times, October 26, 1973

The Pop Life

Stax Records's Eric Mercury, a relatively unknown black singer, is the only independent musician asked to perform at Millennium-73, the huge rally that followers of the 15-year-old guru Maharaj Ji are holding in the Houston Astrodome Nov. 8 through 10.

Mercury's most recent album, "Love Is Taking Over," has many references to peace and love and the brotherhood of man, and it appears that this is why he was selected. If his music and similar music seem to be prevalent these days, it may mark a return to the peace and love days of the late sixties. The other music at the three-day gathering will be provided by the Blue Aquarius band, whose members are among the guru's followers.

The young "perfect master," as his followers call him, has not always drawn large crowds in the New York area. But some of those planning the Houston event predict that 250,000 to 500,000 faithful and curious young people will turn up - several times the Astrodome's capacity.

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Originally published October 26, 1973