Page 12    THE STARS AND STRIPES     Thursday, March 29, 1973

Letter To The Editor - Perfect Master

I greatly welcomed your news coverage of the arrival of Guru Maharaj Ji's mother, Mata Ji, in Frankfurt (S&S, March 12).I feel, however, that your readership deserves more than the somewhat sketchy write-up of the Divine Light Mission afforded by your staff writer, Holly Gross.

Guru Maharaj Ji's purpose is to reveal the perfect and practical realization of God to those who take his knowledge. For this reason he is referred to as the "Perfect Master." This is the same knowledge that was revealed by Jesus, Buddha, Laotze, and other great spiritual masters of their time.

This pure knowledge of self-realization is the original purpose of all religions since the beginning of time, but its unifying essence has been lost by present institutionalized religions that now offer mostly rituals and further divide the world into armed camps.

This knowledge is not another religion, but it is the essence of true religion, and through it one can become a better Christian, Moslem, Jew, etc. Guru Maharaj Ji reveals the source of true peace and bliss in this strife-torn world.

As is evident by the photos of the "premies," or devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, they are not "beaded and flowered" cultists as was the implication, but rather well dressed and sincere persons of all walks of life - professional people, successful businessmen and women, as well as many young people.

By Guru Maharaj Ji's grace and perfect knowledge, his premies do not desire to withdraw from life. Their aim is to live life to the fullest measure, and to work in all reaches of society to spread the blissful knowledge of their master to all men so that, hand in hand, we can hope to save this world from its current unenlightened path of destruction.

Those of us close to the Mission know that the irresponsible implications being made by the Indian government and pounced upon so quickly by the news media concerning financial misdealings by the Divine Light Mission are patently false. The Indian government wants to make sure that it can get its cut of the worldwide contributions to the Mission.

This perfect knowledge is free for the asking. That it is a gift of such supreme value is evident by the fact that many premies have given much to the Mission in many countries in blissful gratitude. If you are searching for inner peace: and calm and haven't been able to find it, I invite you to visit the central ashram on 30 Cronstettenstrasse, Frankfurt.

- Capt. Bevin A. Beaudet
Heilbronn, Germany