Destroyed hopes
To the Editor:

In his summation of the various opinions about Guru Maharaj ji, Ted Morgan ("Oz in the Astrodome," Dec. 9) states: "To premie parents, he was a rehabilitator of prodigal sons and daughters."

This view is not shared by all of these parents. What about those children of 14 or 15, too young to have been dropouts of the counter-culture in '71, sensitive youngsters with fine minds, who deserted family and school to follow their god? What about the heartbreak of their families, and the destruction of their hopes for the future of these children? And what of the children themselves -- dropouts from society, mindless robots who do only what their "Lord" and his retinue command?

Please consider the anguished parents as well as the satisfied ones.

Bronx, N. Y.

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Originally published December 30, 1973