Prem Rawat's "Holy Family" version 2

In 1975, Prem Rawat's mother disowned, disinherited and deposed her youngest son as the Perfect master. He sued her to gain control of his father's Indian property and lost. A fuller exposition of this sordid affair can be found here. To an outsider, this would appear to be a major catastrophe. Prem Rawat's mother and elder brothers, the "Holy Family", had been feted as divinities only slightly less divine then Prem Rawat, Himself, the Guru Maharaj Ji and God Incarnate. What explanation did Rawat come up with for this incredible event? I don't think He bothered giving any.

The New Holy Mummy The Possibly Holy But Definitely Hot Sis-In-Law

Premie on the Knowledge TreadmillOne of his more prominent minions, Mike Donner, the National Executive Director of Divine Light Mission, wrote letters of explanation to ashrams and communities throughout the USA. Basically the explanation was that the ex-holy Family, senior mahatmas and Indian DLM administrators "were all in their minds *." Despite all the premies' former beliefs and "experiences" of their divinity, his mother and elder brothers actually weren't divine or even "realised souls." Actually, there were no such beings as "realised souls" - except for Maharaji Himself. Apparently, it was not possible to raise one's consciousness through Rawat's meditation techniques and remain at this higher level of consciousness. You were always like a rat on a treadmill, you had to keep meditating twice daily, doing satsang, service and have darshan and explicitly and implicitly obey Rawat's agya else you could descend into doubt, despair, confusion and apostasy, instantly.

Furthermore, it wasn't enough to practise Knowledge to achieve a feeling of peace. "This is the main point that Guru Maharaj Ji is emphasizing now -- DEVOTION to one point, to the Perfect Lord. Without devotion no one can ever understand what this life is all about. Without devotion we can never experience the peace that exists for us to enjoy." - Official DLM memo. Some of Rawat's closest followers admire the way he changes his mind so quickly and effortlessly. The old Holy Family was no more. The solution was obvious to Rawat - have a new Holy Family.

The Holy Hubby Raja Rawat, The Not So Holy Bro

Mr and Mrs Johnson were no doubt shocked to find the California girl they'd birthed and raised had become an incarnation of a Hindu goddess but nevertheless, Marolyn Rawat née Johnson became Durga Mata Ji, the mother to all premies. Many premies even referred to her has as 'Mom' and her speeches attained gospel status and were reprinted in DLM magazines and she sat on stage with her husband and God though usually on a lower level. Raja Rawat kept his 'Ji' and retained a sort of semi-divine status. He and his wife, most notable for those German good looks, were often sent around to "share satsang" and inspire the troops. It seems that Western beauties will marry fat ugly Indian boys as long as they're divine or close to it.

Prem Rawat's Original Holy Family

In the 2001 video 'Passages' Glen Whitaker, Rawat's main man in the UK revealed that Rawat said his family had only pretended that he was the living Perfect Master but they were running the religion as a money-making family business. Prem Rawat, himself, knew it and kept the knowledge a secret at the time. Of course, Prem Rawat was and is really a figurehead for the family business, it just became a different family.

The new Holy Family soon began to grow as divine babies were born. The cult-think was that these babies were very special, pure and perfect souls, concepts promoted by Rawat himself. To be associated with these children made one a premie star who would be badgered for baby darshan stories and treated as someone at a higher level.

Prem Rawat's wedding video
Prem Rawat's wedding video

"It has been so incredible for me to have a chance to serve Maharaj Ji, to spend time with His children. … There are so many stories about Maharaj Ji's children and how He is with them. It's really beautiful. And sometimes Premlata really is like a Granny. She's so wise and intuitive… But I know that Premlata teaches me so much and I am not able to look at her as just a little girl. … She can make me cry. She can say something that will touch me so deeply, and show me something about myself so deeply" - Gwen Herrington

On March 9th 1975 the living Lord of the Universe had his first child in this incarnation. Premlata, or "Vine of Love." Earlier that day a call had gone from Los Angeles on the worldwide DLM phone tree: in ashrams, premie centers, and private homes in forty-two countries around the world, premies were to sit together in meditation. Details of the birth and the exalted few who attended was breathlessly reported in the DLM press. The child became the inspiration for more myth-making about her father and even songs used in films some better than others.

Premlata RawatPremlata RawatPremlata Rawat

"Premlata could not remain just Guru Maharaj Ji's child. At Holi, Durga Ji gave her to the premies: "I just want to thank all of you, all over the world, for the love that you've given your new sister. Because it's our baby; it's all of our baby. She's the vine of love, and she'll reach out to you and pull you closer to Guru Maharaj Ji. That I know, because she already has." From the moment she was born, she became a living symbol of Guru Maharaj Ji's love for all his premies, for all mankind, and for his dedication to bringing truth into the world. The premies that were with Maharaj Ji that week in Miami saw the gears shift right in front of their eyes. As Maharaj Ji gave them satsang, he would often hold Premlata in his arms. Occasionally he would turn to her and say something: "I'm going to make this world so beautiful for you," he would say, "the power of Guru Maharaj Ji's love is so great that when you grow up the world is going to be completely different." - Divine Times, May 31 1975

Within a few years her mother had taught her how to respond to her father, by bowing and kissing his feet.

Premlata's Pranam Premlata's Pranam Premlata's Pranam Premlata's Pranam

Prem Rawat and SonHoly ChildrenGuru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji's second child, a boy, Hans Pal Rawat Singh, was born on Friday September 17th, 1977 at 4:59 p.m. Los Angeles time (about 10 o'clock Saturday morning in Sydney). As with Premlata's birth in March last year, the baby was born at home in Malibu, California-English premie midwife Judy Osborne was there to help. - Golden Age. He had numerous articles written about him in the DLM press but as his birth did not coincide with a major scandal it was barely reported elsewhere. The two eldest siblings were often used on-stage during the late 1970's intense public devotional phase of Rawat's career to general adoration. Hans' first birthday party was breathlessly recounted by Charles Cameron, Divine Light Mission "poet laureate" who was one of the guru's chief literary sycophants but no longer mentions him in his spiritual resumé.

Early betting on who succeeds Prem Pal Rawat when he dies would have the eldest, Hans, the favourite. However, his early adult involvement in his father's activities was minimal and his sisters have definitely taken over favouritism. The 3rd child, Dayalata born on 26th June 1978 was the "Vine of Grace." Her mother said "by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace it was such a beautiful experience to have Dayalata. And it was such a miracle, really, that happened. It was an incredible thing. And you just look at Daya, and she's pure, she has no expectations." However, the days of no expectztions are long gone. Joan Apter, super premie, gave satsang demonstrating Dayalata was a reincarnated soul and Rawat was divine: "It will be like Dayalata when she was first born, and Maharaj Ji was holding her so close in his arms, looking down at her and going, "Hi there! Remember me?"

Dayalata also had at least one song written and recorded about her. She was the Child Of Mercy.

On June 5, 1977 Raja Ji's first baby, Navlata was born after premies all over the world spent the Sunday in meditation to ensure the correct vibe on Earth for birth of the "New Vine" as Maharaji named her. Songs were composed in her honour though none predicted she would become a famous Hollywood actress. Her father used the birth as an opportunity to reminisce about the power of his youngest brother and Prem's plan for this whole universe, "Oh, Guru Maharaj Ji, without your Grace even leaves cannot move." Less was heard about the family during the 1980's as the magazines and newsletters were no longer being published and the "holy family" theology was no longer publicly spoken about. Navlata was no longer mentioned as Claudia Littman had divorced Raja (who was no longer a Ji). Navi Rawat later became more famous than her divine uncle though she is only a relatively minor Hollywood star. Understandably, she does not mention her unusual family in her publicity.

There were some photos of Rawat's childrens' world travels in the Spring 1987 publication, In View and some scenes in the video Evolution but by this time Rawat was no longer presenting himself publicly as the Lord of the Universe with a Holy Family but as a talented renaissance artist and musician, wealthy investor and Top Gun pilot who coincidentally happened to possess the unique gift of giving the Gift of True Peace to humanity.

World TourWorld Tour

World Tour

As of 2012 Premlata Rawat Hudson was the vice-President and President of the Prem Rawat Foundation for many years, Amar Rawat is a Director of the Prem Rawat Foundation and Dayalata Rawat is a world famous singer but only amongst premies and provides the devotional oomph for his speeches and records CDs and DVDs through Eversound Music (financed by guess who?) and provides recipes for martinis to premies. Daya would probably be the in-house public face when Rawat dies but so far they have not shown and reason to think their generation will be able to keep Rawatism afloat.

The birth of Premlata Rawat was reported in the real press. Unfortunately it coincided with news that Rawat's mother had outed him as a drunken meat-eater obsessed with sex and ousted him as a guru.

Hans Pal Rawat:

The birth was so unimportant that Associated Press even got the birthdate wrong

"in your mind" was an all-round put down of any premie. Every premie was supposed to be living in a blissful bubble brought on by the practice of Knowledge and Prem Rawat's grace. Should you be unhappy or doubt the truth of Rawat's religion this proved (in a Catch 22ish way) that you weren't practicing the Knowledge correctly. All other human beings who weren't premies were always in their minds.