Prem Rawat's mother, Mata Ji, in 1973 before she disowned him


"He is the ocean of kindness. He is almighty and all-powerful. He is more magnificent than the unfathomable ocean. He is the treasurehouse of unlimited happiness. He is the Giver of Knowledge. He gives peace to the hearts of the unhappy and troubled with his unflinching flow of pure love."

Guru Maharaj Ji's Holy Mother, Shri Mata Ji, has serenely guided us since the late Satguru and founder of the Mission, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, left his body in 1966. In her presence you can experience a motherly love that is infinitely compassionate and all-embracing. She is giving and generous in the selfless manner of nature. When all life is united in the ashram of love, she will be housemother to the universe.

Bhole Ji, Prem Rawat's elder brother in 1973


"If a tree is planted and we don't put any manure or water on it, it will die. In the same way, if we don't meditate on this Knowledge, it will be of no use to us, it will not give us any peace. With this Name a person does not feel separate because of the colour of his skin but he realises the soul which is the same in everyone."

His name means "carefree". At the age of 20, Shri Bhole Ji directs and creates the musical sound of the 20 piece devotional band, Blue Aquarius. His relaxed, entrancing actions personify the joyful play and rhythm of the universe.

In the Uttar Khand area of India a great spiritual man will be born.
He will have four sons and these sons will spread spiritual Knowledge
to the four corners of the world and that slowly and gradually,
through that Knowledge, they will change the whole world and make it one.

- Vishnu Purana

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If we have a close relationship with someone we feel a unity with certain qualities in them which are beyond physical appearance and outward personality. From moment to moment, something divine and beautiful is revealed to us through their presence. With the Holy Family of Guru Maharaj Ji, this feeling of divinity is much stronger and more evident in their words and actions. Being in their presence becomes a joyous relationship between a devotee and God. The particular aspect or quality of God that each member of the family embodies is gradually revealed to the devotee both through practical actions and internal unity with their divine nature.

Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Prem Rawat, in 1973 before he replaced his youngest brother


"Meditation is food for your soul. It gives you inner peace and bliss and takes you to the kingdom of heaven that lies within you. Those people who criticise Guru Maharaj Ji should come and see why so many suffering people are coming to him and finding peace."

The oldest brother, Bat Bhagwan Ji, 22, manifests intellectual brilliance in the form of practical organisation and scientific/spiritual discourse. Since 1970 he has directed the festivals held in honour of Guru Maharaj Ji. All his vast energy is spent in one-pointed service to Guru Maharaj Ji. He is so much the power and mind of God that devotees are often overawed in his presence until they also experience the glorious power of his love.

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"The Hans family is the light of the world and they are going to show the whole world the path of light. It is a family affair. Keep in touch with the family, get to know the family, learn to love the family and you will really be a part of what is happening"

- Shri Mata Ji


"Peace is not simply the negation of war, it is the negation of the warring tendencies in man. War originates in the mind of man and it is from there that it must be uprooted."

Father of Guru Maharaj Ji, himself the Satguru of his time, who founded the Divine Light Mission in 1949 and handed his responsibility over to his youngest son in July 1966.

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Raja Ji, brother of Prem Rawat and father of Navi Rawat


"Guru Maharaj Ji comes to our level to make us understand everything, and because every man has different understanding, different powers of understanding, different ways of understanding, Guru Maharaj Ji deals with each person at his own level. That's his greatness."

Raja Ji, 18, inspires the directors of service in the Mission and is rapidly putting together a task-force for social relief all over the world. Behind the serious nature of his work, you can experience a sense of play and brotherly love as he cheerfully nurses a sick world to its spiritual feet again.