Raja RawatRaja Rawat Family

Raja Rawat was the Holy Family member who seemed to miss out on a spectacular divine super power. The eldest brother was the brains of the universe, the second eldest had all the musical talent in the family, the youngest was the Lord of the Universe and even Greater than God and Raja … zilch. After a few years in the West he became as debonair as one of the dowdy Rawats could be but very early on his penchant for booze and dope and guns became an open secret.

This gave Prem a path that he could follow. If Raja can do it, why not me, the Perfect Master and lord of the Universe?

His minions soon managed the legalities and found an appropriate church.

Wedding Of Prem Rawat's Brother, Raja Rawat

Using his cachet as Shri Raja Ji, brother to the Lord of the Universe, he married a beautiful German devotee, Miss Claudia Littmann on Sunday 28th April, 1974 in Denver, Colorado. They toured the premie coomunities with a soirt of spiritual authority based on Raja's faminly connection.

New Holy Family Members, Marolyn, Raja and Claudia

"He's that perfect thing that can show us everything. He's that one perfection. And he's here for us." - Raja Ji

"I've no idea what love is, and all that I can do us just, by his Grace, try to completely, completely focus on him, on nothing else." - Claudia

The marriage didn't last long but it provided Hollywood with a successful, exotic young actress, Navi Rawat. It is wonderfully ironic that as a moderatley successful actress she is already more famous than her uncle whose greatest role as the "Lord of the Universe" is already forgotten. It's pretty obvious from which parent Navi Rawat got her looks. It's no surprise Navi became an actress, she grew up in a show biz family, the Godman shtick is a form of burlesque spirituality and Prem Rawat even hada stripper's dancing act.Raja Ji had alcohol abuse and other problems and after his wife divorced him his profile within the premie community dropped.

Claudia Rawat nee Littmann navi-rawat (20K)

He lived in Miami, Florida (2005) and did tours around premie communities shilling for money for various of Rawat's needs usually accompanied by a "student", Yoram Weiss, who is one of Rawat's long term followers and chief fund-raiser as a minder and to handle the details.

Here we see Raja Ji, as he is still known amongst followers of Rawat, speaking in Montréal, Canada in June 2008. It is obvious from his speech that he might be a believer in Rawat's Knowledge but not someone who actually practised the meditation techniques regularly and that it is the same for most of these premies in Montreal.

Raja Ji RawatRaja Ji Rawat

*** 2015 *** It was rumoured within the Miami premie community that Bhole Ji provided a substantial financial gift to his younger brother Raja Rawat who had been left without adequate funds by their youngest brother and former Lord of the Universe, Prem Rawat, to maintain the lifestyle he aspired to and this was confirmed when "Shri Raja Ji" began appearing (circa 2015-16) on stage at Hanslok events in India. You've got to hand it to Bhole Ji. Was it Rawat family values that made him forgive his younger brother or did he wish to stick it up Prem's ass.?

Raja Ji on stage with brother
Raja Ji on stage with brother

I guess that leaves Prem Rawat without siblings.