Don Johnson was an instructor and high-ranking official of Prem Rawat's organisations. This has been attested to by many other well known high-ranking former members of DLM and Elan Vital and mentions in the official Divine Light Mission publications.

This is a condensation of an article by Don Johnson about Revelations of Sexual Abuse made by Hans Pal Rawat, eldest son of Prem Rawat.

There is a copy of a vicious Facebook message to Hans and Shana Rawat from John Miller, a long time inmate of Rawat's inner circle and, according to him, a virtual second father to young Hans. Rawat's followers follow the Scientology playbook when it comes to criticising anyone accusing or criticising Rawat but this "loving post" is the worst I've seen or received in 25 years.

Hans Rawat, Son of Prem Rawat, Reveals the Truth About His Father's Sexual Abuse of Him

In 1978, I attended a program with Prem Rawat, known at the time as Guru Maharaj Ji, in Tucson, Arizona. I was one of about twenty instructors, so we all got primetime seats along with the major financial donors, X-rated followers (those sworn to keep their mouths shut about Rawat's private lifestyle), and friends of Prem's family. Everyone wore the finest dresses and expensive suits. Got to look sharp in those front rows. When Michael Woods set up his photo equipment and Monica Lewis appeared with a camera slung around her neck, everyone knew they were in the right place and the party would start soon. Note: (Monica Lewis, the alleged long-time mistress of family man Prem Rawat, is now Monika Winslow, Executive Director of Intelligent Existence, a Prem Rawat revenue-generating company).

Prem Rawat's Children 1978 I remember gazing up at the stage in amazement - skilled followers had constructed a Disney castle-themed stage with turrets. Little kids, Prem's children, Hans and Wadi, poked their heads out of the castle windows, smiling, eyes wide open, having fun. I thought, well, I'm never going to have kids, given that I'm an instructor for life. It turns out I was in for a big surprise. After the usual assortment of big-name instructors finished speaking, Prem came out, doing that weird pushing-down thing with his hands, encouraging us to sit down and be quiet. He got comfortable in the beige custom-made chair, and Marino Amico did his thing - adjusted the microphone.

Prem started speaking, and before you could say camel dung laddus (a line from a joke he used to tell), he launched into a story about the Indian god Ram and his half-monkey devotee Hanuman. Oh no, here we go again, I thought. I've heard this story before as I glazed over.

Eventually, he started talking about his kids. I perked up. He said your kids have no one on their side, so never get on the opposite sides of the fence with them. This stuck with me because it was the only practical thing he said. Ten years later, when my now ex-wife and I started raising our two kids, I remembered Prem's words. Like many parents, I had no idea how to raise children, except I knew to love them unconditionally, protect them, and never harm them. As a result, my kids and I never had a falling out or periods of estrangement. Today, our love and connection are as strong as ever. Maybe I got lucky. But I know one thing for sure - I didn't do anything to drive a wedge between us.

How ironic that only a few years later, Prem, the Perfect Master, behaved in such a way to not only get on the wrong side of the fence with his eldest son but managed to harm him and create what appears to be a rift unlikely to be resolved.

Hans Rawat.

Hans is 47 years old and married with a young son. I spent many hours speaking with him over the past year. He's a very likable, quiet, intelligent, well-spoken man. On February 16, 2024, he responded to a string of comments on a Facebook post I made with some very poignant statements. Here are a few:

For the record, My father first gave me alcohol and cannabis when we lived in Miami Beach; there were several premies who saw this. I was seven.

What kind of parent gives booze and weed to a seven-year-old?

And this-

My mother, of course, saw [the sexual abuse] and another premie (follower of Prem), I remember. A few years ago, I told a family member that this person had witnessed the abuse firsthand. I remember the incident so clearly, I won't get into details here, but when my father started molesting me in front of him, I looked over to see his reaction.

He looked like he had just seen a ghost. His face turned white as a sheet, and his whole body shuttered. I have no ill will toward him for not speaking up. People were terrified of upsetting him [Prem]for good reason.

Whether he likes it or not, this bystander witnessed a sex crime, punishable with a lengthy prison sentence in the State of Florida.

Prem's admission of guilt.

In November 2019, the two daughters, Hans and Prem, held a family meeting. I've listened to the audio recording several times. During the meeting, Prem's demeanor was very subdued - he sounded like a broken man, knowing he had caused great harm to Hans.

When Hans asked his father if he knew it was wrong to touch a child's genitals inappropriately, Prem said he realized now it was wrong but didn't know so at the time because it was common in his family in India. (Generational trauma passed down?)

Here's a transcript of that conversation posted on a website:

Hans: So I have a question for you, Dad, uh, did you not know that inappropriately touching a child's genitals was immoral and would have a negative impact, a life-changing impact on Amar and me?

Prem: Is that a question? Are you asking me that question?

Hans: Yes.

Prem: Now I realise that that's true, now I do, I do, I do.

Hans: But back then, it didn't occur to you?

Prem: No, it didn't, and the reason why it didn't is because in our family, in our, in our whatever India was, it was very common. It was not a taboo thing.

This exchange is critically important because of the recent accusations made by an individual on Facebook who was a servant in Prem's home. This person claims there was a medical reason for Prem to touch Hans when he was a child. However, if this was the case, why would Prem admit that his behavior was out of line and acknowledge that what he did was wrong? Hans has also stated his mother abused him in an incestuous manner and reported this to Prem in 2019 during a family meeting. Prem had no comment at the time. One of the daughters described their mother as a "scorpion" and "not to be trusted."

The happy family of the supposed Perfect Master, who was supposed to bring peace to the world one person at a time. Don't things start at home?

The meeting ended with Hans suggesting he and his father have a private one-on-one meeting. That never happened. Prem didn't suggest that he and Hans have a meeting. No. The abused asked the abuser for a meeting. Wouldn't a highly conscious person, a guru, who has practiced meditation his entire life have more kindness, empathy, and compassion in the tank? Apparently not. Prem has shown his lack of concern for others through his penchant for publicly humiliating people. In 1983, he abruptly shut down the ashrams and fired all the instructors without saying goodbye or thank you.

The second significant failure.

If my son were in pain because of something I did, there would be nothing more important than sitting face-to-face and helping him with every available resource at my disposal. Phone tag is no excuse for a father not doing everything he can to make amends with his son. Fixing the problem by delegating it to someone else, like his wife, isn't the solution. Prem has the resources to fly anywhere at any time. That didn't happen.


Now, we have a fragmented family, with the eldest son speaking out against his father and breaking the chain of generational trauma. That's a big deal. He's doing his best to expose the carefully hidden truth about his father and, in so doing, forfeiting a promised multi-million dollar inheritance. Why? It's not because he's angry and seeks revenge. He wants, just as many of us who have walked away from the fraudulent game Prem is playing, for Prem to be held accountable for the deception and spiritual and psychological abuse of tens of thousands of people who put their trust and faith in him. Hans also wants to protect any child from being exposed to his father, who he believes can't be trusted around children.

More inappropriate sexual behavior and possible coverup.

Hans recently recounted a story that I've heard before about Prem having a close Indian disciple, Mahabir, strip naked, on his request, and dance in the living room of his home. He would watch, casually smoking a cigarette, while children also witnessed this spectacle.

The sexual crimes committed by a top Indian Mahatma, Jagdeo, are well documented online. There is speculation that Prem knew about the allegations but did nothing to protect further victims from being harmed.

Hans also stated in a post on March 4 on my Facebook page:

I believe both my parents should at least be on some kind of sex offender registry, not because I am angry at them but simply to protect the innocent and vulnerable types of victims that they have preyed upon in the past.

Serious allegations.

In plain English, he is saying his parents are pedophiles. It's tough for me to write those words - really, really hard. My heart breaks for Hans, his wife, and his child. No one should have to experience what he did and then be marginalized by those who want to protect his father and his empire.

The great deception.

In 1972, I learned to practice the meditation techniques Prem offered. I was hopeful and trusting and believed what his closest followers said about him - he was the Perfect Master who would guide me into higher self-awareness. Prem emphasized that because he was the enlightened One, he could help individuals journey from darkness to light and inner peace. It made sense to me at the time. He likened his job to a guide taking people up a treacherous mountain - because the guide knows the way, he can help someone who's never climbed it maneuver through rough terrain. However, part way into the journey, I learned, as someone who followed his ashram rules (being vegetarian and celibate), that the Master was eating meat, smoking cigarettes and weed, having sex with his female followers, sexually abusing his young children, giving them alcohol and marijuana and building a multi-million dollar empire.

Hans told me that his father,

(He) Also drank cognac daily starting in the late afternoon and would regularly throw uncontrolled fits of rage directed at followers or family members, including his young children.

Why would I need someone like this in my life? Someone explain that to me. For crying out loud. This whole thing is so bad. Prem needs to be exposed and held accountable for what he is - a fraud.

"The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Thank you, Hans, for risking your well-being, refusing to participate in the lie, and standing up for truth and justice.

Don Johnson has a book coming out June 2024, "Living a Conscious Life: How to Find Peace, Wholeness, and Freedom in a Chaotic World." Judging by the standard of this article I recommend it to anyone who is seeking Peace, Wholeness, and Freedom.

* NB: I have listened to that phone conversation a few times myself. My response was that Rawat sounded like a man who feared that these accusations, which his daughters accepted as true, would become public. He sounded more like a man in fear than in shame. Only Rawat knows for certain.

* NB: Acording to Rawat's close followers who spent time or lived in his Malibu Palace, Prem Rawat has never been known to meditate.