Prem Rawat's Children

There can be little doubt that growing up as children of the Lord of the Universe (retired) living in cloistered luxury, surrounded by flunkies who really worship you and your parents could produce problems. In this regard you would have to give them full marks for not publicly going off the rails as so many children of fame and privilege do. Surrounded by adoring acolytes might be nice when you're young but at some point you have to come to terms with the discrepancy between what your father and his minions claim and what you can see for yourself. This children seeing the parents' feet of clay is one of the major reason Rawat's following has not increased. Children growing up with parents who are followers of Rawat can clearly see the uselessness of the meditation and phoniness of the Guru/Teacher/Master and how they've had to cope with their parents' financial support of the Master's luxurioous opulence at their expense.

One of Rawat's major teachings has been that love of family is nothing compared to the love of Him. The love of Rawat and his Devotees is the only pure love, He teaches that your love of your children is not and cannot be sincere love. He has even said that his love of his children is not a sincere love. It must be much harder for His children, their father receives worship and devotion from thousands and their financial well-being depends on the fraudulent claims of their father's divinity. Sooner or later they realize their father is a fraud but what can they do, wealth and popularity have their charms. It would appear that three of the children have joined the family business and one has not. While Dayalata Rawat has been front and centre playing the role of "Court of Love" troubadour singing (somewhat poorly) on stage with her father at her father's speeches and spruiking for him. That's show business on more than one level. Premlata has also taken a public role as administrator and face of the Prem Rawat Foundation. In descending order of involvement:

Daya Rawat

Dayalata Rawat, President TPRF 2013-2022

Born on 26th June 1978 she is Prem Rawat's third child. She has spent most of her time as a support singer for her father's speeches singing sentimental love songs of adoration and getting the ageing crowd's emotions flowing. She has also joined the family business in a more formal way with this appointment. It was 2013 that the percentage of takings spent on charitable work dropped significantly.

Chris & DayaShe is married to a musician and devotee of Rawat's named Chris McVittie, they have two daughters and live in Massachusetts. Their Bandcamp blurb reports:

"Chris MacVittie and Daya Rawat are the singer-songwriter duo better known as Chris & Daya. What they deliver is a classic folk sound, reminiscent of Jack Johnson meets Simon and Garfunkel with a touch of Emmylou Harris. Their songs and harmonies have an accessible country feel, combining a timeless musical quality with heartfelt, resonant storytelling."

Even the Jack Johnson reference is aiming too high and the Simon and Garfunkel and Emmylou Harris comparisons are ridiculous and delusional. Their lack of success is relative to their talent. Being bankrolled by her father and bolstered by a captive audience of her father's devotees can't make up for their level of talent.

Premlata Rawat

Premlata Rawat Hudson, TPRF vice-President 2009-2012

Born March 9th 1975 she is Prem Rawat's first child. She wowed the crowd of devotees as a toddler when she went on stage to kiss her father's feet. From 2009 to 2013 she was the Vice-President of TPRF. There various posts on the internet stating she was President of TPRF in 2013 but the Form 990 says otherwise.

Premlata_and_FamilyShe is married to Sandy Allen Hudson and the two have tried and failed at various businesses such as interior decoration and real estate.

Incredible but true, both have suffered personal injury at the hands of the Monsanto company: the creators of agricultural miracles such as the peerless Roundup - kills grass and very refreshing when you run out of water out in the fields. I should know, I've been drinking Roundup for over 40 years.

Amar Rawat

Amar Rawat, Vice President

Born December 25, 1982 he is Prem Rawat's fourth child. He has no qualifications to be an administrator of a pseudo-Charitable organisation except nepotism. He is/was the Vice President of TPRF from 2013-2022 and has managed a modern miracle. He has no fame on the internet.

Hans Pal Rawat Singh

Date of birth: 17th September 1976 - The oldest son and presumptive Golden Child who seems to have the least sibling involvement in their father's organisations and "crusade for world peace." Married in 2013 and lives in Miami.