Maharaji Tells Nasty Tales About His Mummy
Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang, Hans Jayanti, Kissimmee, Florida Afternoon November 8th 1979

Prem Rawat remained bitter towards his motherfor many years. He took the opportunity to disparage her in his speeches whenever the bile rose into his throat. This is something he said on November 8th 1979. It was a Thursday afternoon so the Hans Jayanti event had only just started. If taken at face value it seems that Prem Rawat actually believed his father had divine powers and that he, himself, had them too. As he also made similar statements many times then one could easily assume he truly believed in his own divinity. However, using the Ancient Wisdom of Shri Ockhamji, one quickly sees that the truth is that Prem Rawat was and is a fantasist and a liar.

These tales of his mother's charity and involvement in local temple life, which Rawat sees as disbelief in in his Father's divinity (Shri Maharaj Ji declared, "Lord Ram was an incarnation of God, but he came with only fourteen powers. Lord Krishna was an incarnation of God, having sixteen types of divine powers. But this time I have come with all divine powers."), only makes sense if he believes his audience also believes in his father's supreme supernatural powers as well.

"We have to understand that there is something in this life that is stable, that is real. There are some people who want to bet on everything. I remember that coming out of Dehra Dun, there was this road. And after a tunnel, there was this temple. And every time Mata Ji would drive by this temple, she would take a little money and throw it towards the temple.

One time, I was there and Shri Maharaj Ji was there. So she took out some money to throw it towards the temple. And Shri Maharaj Ji said, "Why don't you give it to me, instead of giving it to the temple? I can give you what the temple can give you." She got mad. "What do you mean?" These are the kind of things that people have concepts about.

One time Mata Ji took everybody – Shri Maharaj Ji and all of us – to this place where these two "holy" rivers meet, because if you bathe there, you are supposed to have sort of a one-way ticket all the way to heaven, first class. The water was cold. There was Shri Maharaj Ji.


Everybody was starting to bathe in the river. It was really dirty, too. I mean, would you like to take a bath in a bathtub with a couple of dead people in it, swimming around? But there's a lot of dead bodies floating around in Ganges. As a matter of fact, where these two rivers meet it's a shallow area and there was this great big turtle, dead, lying in there just rotting away.

So Shri Maharaj Ji steps out of the car.

"Come on in," Mata Ji says. "Come on in. Come on in. Get inside this thing. Why don't you take a bath, too?"

And Shri Maharaj Ji looks at this premie who was there. And it was like, "Does she really think that by doing this I'll get liberated?" Then he just said, "Well? If by doing this we're going to be liberated, to take a bath in here wouldn't really hurt me, would it?" He would go in there.

"There's this one person I knew very well and in fact this person every time we would drive back from Delhi to where I was Dehra Dun or Prem Nagar or wherever we were going, in India there's abundance of temples and this person had a few favorite temples and every time we were the car was driving of course and the car would pass by a temple, the person would know that the car is going to be passing in a few minutes by a temple, the person would open up uh you know whatever it was, a wallet or a purse or whatever it was (laughter already) take out the uh take out the uh the 25 you know worth cents in Indian paises, get it ready, the temple approaches, boom boom boom, down with the windshield and a nice chuck out the window and roll it back up. My father asked one time what this person was doing throwing all this money out the window ha ha ha and the person said they were doing it for salvation and um he said uh "Look, give me all the money, I'll guarantee you salvation." (extreme laughter) So for this, for this person you know this is the kind of environment I was grown in, you just, you just take a took a take a look you're going 50 miles an hour, whew, aim for it. If you can make it that day, you got salvation, if you don't make it that day, tough luck and when do you find out, when you reach the pearly gates whether you made it or not.