Pamphlets & Booklets Published by Prem Rawat's Organisations

These pamphlets, like all Divine Light Mision and Elan Vital publications suffered from Prem Rawat's insistence that only he could introduce / explain / inspire others about this "Knowledge", the "Knowledge techniques" he claimed only he could reveal. He is grossly obese, physically unattractive and a very poor speaker and these publications consisted of (excerpts from) his speeches and photos of him, often half naked. Only divine intervention could overcome these handicaps and no such miracles eventuated.

  • Read, Think & Know - A small pamphlet published in India in 1971 that provides the " classic" explanation of this "Knowledge" as taught by Prem Rawat's father and teacher for a short time (Hans Rawat died when the young Rawat was only 8 years old) and written in English probably by Professor C. L. Tandon, Hans Rawat's long time secretary and President of Divine Light Mission, India.
  • Some Past Masters - A page pamphlet containing excerpts from 'The Sayings Of Guru Maharaj Ji'.
  • A Pamphlet created for "propagation" in Jamaica in 1972. Possibly it is slightly more quaint and unsophisticated than most DLM propaganda but only just and it conveys the flavour of early DLM.
  • What is the Real Thing? A four page pamphlet containing a speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji in Boulder, Colorado on June 28, 1973. This copy was distributed by the Hartford, Connecticut ashram, probably in 1974.
Wallet Photo of Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji
In 1975 there was a leap in quality of DLM pamphlets and booklets and a change in tone and breadth of information supplied. Everything became much less controversial as DLM administrators tried to portray a different Divine Light Mission.
There were more substantial booklets amongst the promotional material that was published. Some for the general public:
And some for the premies:
Pamphlets produced in 1979 and later:
  • Something In Your Heart Wants To Know (and Version 2) which both contain the same edited text from an "interview" with Prem Rawat published in a Miami magazine with different sets of photos. One contains a photo of Rawat with "Mahatma" Jagdeo, the notorious paedophile, whom Rawat had appointed to a special service with children and, when he was exposed, spirited him back to India.
  • A pocket size information/instruction pamphlet was produced for a "Festival" in Denver in February, 1979. Much of the pamphlet was taken up with the words to the devotional prayer, Arti, which was sung to Prem Rawat as He sat on stage, instructions for the correct procedure for Darshan and Holy Breath and exhortations to the devotees to pay their hotel bills, to not smoke where it would offend others and to not meditate in public.
  • A cheap, pocket size information/instruction pamphlet was produced for the Hans Jayanti Festival in Kissimmee, Florida in November 4 - 11, 1979. It was a single sheet of paper, printed on both sides, and folded into 4 that efficiently contained a host of information about such important matters as Darshan, Meditation Tents, Aspirant registration and Membership Development Service Forms and daily Arti at 6:30am.
  • An Introduction to Guru Maharaj Ji and the Knowledge He Reveals a single sheet introductory handout
  • Guru Maharaj Ji: Questions & Answers A small booklet containing a selection of questions and answers taken from different sessions he did in the early 1970's (71-72) collected and published in 1979 with a short excerpt from his speech at the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida, on the afternoon of November 9th, 1975.
  • Light Notes, Volume 1, November, 1979 Number 1
    Light Notes was an "introduction to the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji." It consisted of a brief introduction, an excerpt of one of Rawat's speeches from 1978 and some collected questions and answers.
  • Light Notes, Volume 1, April 1980, Number 2
    Light Notes was an "introduction to the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji." It consisted of a brief introduction, two excerpts of Rawat's speeches from 1980 and one excerpt from 1971 and one excerpt from 1972.

Some of his speeches were considered so important that they were published separately:

  • Peace Bomb A 20 page A5 size booklet containing the 'Peace Bomb' speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji in New Delhi, India on Novemebr 8, 1970
  • Midsummer Night at Glastonbury A 140mm x 215mm four page booklet containing the speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji at Glastonbury Fair, June 21, 1971
  • You Are Disciples Now A one page sheet containing the speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji in Hampstead Town Hall, London, England, October 31, 1971
  • I Challenge this World A 4 page booklet of 180mm x 215mm containing the speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Millenium '73 festival at the Houston Astrodome, Hoston, Texas on November 9, 1973
  • "There is a fulfillment to be had …" A single Letter sheet containing the speech made by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Albert Hall, London, May 28th, 1979

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In 2014 my daughter was handed this pamphlet at a market. She knew I was interested in Rawatism so she kept it rather than dropping it in a garbage bin on the way out. The bins were already overfilled.