An Introduction to
Guru Maharaj Ji
and the
Knowledge He

'Knowledge will answer
any question that there
is. It is the answer. And
that is what I want you
to have.'

Guru Maharaj Ji

Welcome to "satsang." The word "satsang" is from the Hindi language and translated into English means the "company of truth." We who are followers of Guru Maharaj Ji have found it to be a life-enriching experience which we participate in regularly. There is nothing to do, so please just sit and relax. Your part is to let your heart open and absorb.

There will be people speaking about their experiences of "Knowledge," the experience that is revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji. "Knowledge," as we use the word here, doesn't refer to an intellectual learning process, but rather to a practical experience revealed to a person in a "Knowledge session." These are conducted by people called "initiators" appointed by Guru Maharaj Ji for that specific purpose. Guru Maharaj Ji has offered his Knowledge to all people regardless of their race, cast or creed, the only requirement being that a person sincerely wants to know. There is no charge; Knowledge is offered freely.

This experience has to do with meditation, but it is more than just meditation. It's a way of life, a living truth present within all people. It's an experience all human beings are meant to have. An experience not of something foreign, but coming from our own life. Through practicing the elements of Knowledge, satsang, meditation and being of service - contact is maintained with this experience. It's a growing seed requiring regular love and care. You may have placed a first drop of water on this seed tonight. It's a plant that grows and gradually turns our awareness to a natural joy and a renewed conviction in the purpose of life.

We, who are sometimes called "premies," meaning lovers of the truth, invite you to participate as much as you like. Now that you're familiar with our lingo, there is nothing more you need to know. You'll find your understanding will grow naturally as you participate in satsang.

Our program will include two speakers, music and a short videotape of Guru Maharaj Ji giving satsang.

For those of you who, after this program, are in-interested in hearing more about of perhaps receiving Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, there will be:

  • Public programs here every evening this week, June 17-24 at 8:00 p.m.;
  • Small informal meetings where you can ask questions at 5707 Cheshire Lane off Old Georgetown Road (near Wildwood Shopping Center) each evening, June 18-25 at 8:00 p.m.; and
  • Public programs after this week every Tuesday and Friday evening at 8:00 and Sunday afternoons at 3:00.

For more information, call 654-5224.

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