Peace comes
from peace
of mind,
and a society
based on
anxiety and
stress cannot
be a peaceful

That's where
comes in.

Peaceful Mountain Scene

This planet was made for peace. It contains enough food, enough land, enough sky and enough fresh air to inspire anybody. It is delightfully well designed, incredibly harmonious. And we must live harmoniously too, if we want to enjoy it.

Here's where meditation can help. Meditation changes people. It relaxes them, replacing anxiety with optimism and good will. It is the one natural way for man to improve himself from within. Meditation brings about a relaxed and alert state of mind, which gives the meditator more energy, increased ability to solve problems, and greater satisfaction in life. Meditation can provide us with an inner basis for real peace.

A Practical Step

Meditation does not force us to withdraw from the world. Rather, it encourages us to participate in activities for the good of humanity. It is suitable for active, involved people, for those who wish to see peace on earth, and are prepared to work towards it.

Why "Knowledge?"

The meditation we are talking about is called "Knowledge." This is because through this meditation we come to know and recognize the source of love and peace which is within us.

Blind Faith Unnecessary

This Knowledge is a meditation which allows us to directly experience the pure consciousness within us. It does not involve blind faith in any philosophy or theory. It is a matter of seeing, and only then believing.

24 Hours a Day

It is possible to practice this meditation without interrupting one's normal activities. It can be practiced while eating, walking, talking, working, playing – 24 hours a day.

The Instructors

Guru Maharaj Ji has trained and appointed instructors to spread this Knowledge to all who sincerely want it. Many of these instructors, called mahatmas, tour throughout the world.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj JiThe Teacher –
Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji was born in Hardwar, India, in 1957. At the age of eight, he began speaking to people throughout India about the beauty, peace, and love contained inside each individual human being. Since 1971, he has travelled around the world offering people a direct experience of their own life energy – the internal source of love and peace of mind.

Learning to Meditate

Those who are interested in receiving this Knowledge should make every effort to attend evening discussions regularly. These are held free of charge in information centers run by followers of Guru Maharaj Ji. When a person feels that the Knowledge is what he is really looking for, he seeks entrance into a "Knowledge Session", where he is taught how to practice the meditation. Four techniques of concentration are taught, for experiencing the four forms of the pure energy within: Light, Music, The Word, and Nectar. Knowledge Sessions are conducted only by mahatmas and take place according to pre-arranged schedules, obtainable from the center nearest you. Knowledge Sessions are also free of charge.

Give It a Fair Try

After receiving Knowledge, a person should practice meditation regularly, continue to attend the nightly discussions, and spend some time in service to others. If this three-fold path is followed, peace of mind and true happiness will definitely be found. Test this Knowledge, and experience the results for yourself!

Divine Light Mission

Guru Maharaj Ji's mission is to awaken people to the transforming effects of the Knowledge, and through the changes brought to individuals, to bring about harmony on a global scale as well. To facilitate this task, Divine Light Mission was formed. Divine Light Mission is a registered charitable organization. It maintains centers in virtually every major U.S. city and in 66 countries throughout the world. From these centers, full-time volunteers work to spread the benefits of this meditation to others. Divine Light Mission volunteers also staff the social service program "Project Love," which operates in, over one hundred cities to bring love into the lives of those in mental institutions, senior citizens centers, prisons, and other institutions.

The Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji reveals brings a healthy balance to life. As a doctor, I have been able to observe positive changes in myself and others who have received this Knowledge. The Knowledge is intensely practical, helping people in every area of their daily lives. It is an experience of spiritual awakening which brings people a new vitality and fresh outlook on life.

A Doctor's View of the Knowledge
John Horton, M.D.

If perfection is a state every human being can attain, it must have some inner biological pattern to back it up. If, as the scriptures say, communion with God is the most natural path for each man to follow, it must proceed from the physical structures common to all humanity. Just as we can clearly study the process by which the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, we should be able to identify within man's body, the means by which he undergoes transformation to a higher state of consciousness.

This is why the great Masters have always taught that perfection lies within us. Today, science is beginning to see that all the equipment for such a transformation is present within the human body, in very real, recognizable structures.

Physicists know that man's true nature is energy. The Knowledge of Guru Maharaj Ji is the revelation of this basic energy within our bodies.

The first way that we can experience this energy is as light. Not a symbolic light or 'feeling' of clarity, but an actual light that can be seen, beautiful beyond imagination, which sooths away the accumulated tensions of body and mind. To see this light is called 'enlightenment.'

When we receive the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji gives, our pineal gland is activated by the experience of inner light. This experience tunes us in to subtle vibrations of energy which cannot be perceived by our sense organs or by any machine we have built. And by experiencing this perfect energy of creation, the entire bodily system begins to undergo a gentle set of hormonal changes which re-direct our desires, perceptions and behavior, into the most natural and flowing directions.

By meditating upon inner light, we begin to experience first hand the source of all life – of our life. We feel immense joy and a true understanding of the unity of all living things. Just as a bulb will light only when an electrical current passes through the connecting wires, so when the current of real life is turned on within us, we begin to glow with the perfectness of our Creator. Those who meditate upon the light experience profound changes in behavior: most of them find no more need for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, and begin to rise above the drive for ego-fulfillment. They find peace in this experience of light.

This is why people who experience this Knowledge find the most profound meaning of life in their daily work. Each action they take expresses the joy and universal love which they are experiencing. And each action performed in this love does indeed increase the quality of all human life.

This Knowledge is not artificial, indeed it is the experience of the natural basis of life itself. Meditating on this Knowledge leads to vitality and alertness. It has nothing in common with daydreams, hypnosis, or auto-suggestion. The structure of this Knowledge is built into the natural biology of the human organism. It is the key to man's further evolution, the evolution of humanity into personal and social peace and harmony.

A Better World

Meditation is the natural way for us to prepare for a peaceful society. It is the most practical means of creating a better world. What will it be like to live on this planet in a peaceful and agreeable manner? The sky is not going to oppose peacefulness. The earth will not insist on war. The trees are unlikely to object if we start living like human beings. We don't have to persuade nature to be harmonious. We are the ones who have to change.

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