Farmer Prem

There was
once a man
who wanted
to grow a
peach tree

So …

Farmer Prem he sent away to a mail-order house. A few weeks later a package arrived in the mail. It contained a dry, wrinkled brown object. It was a peach pit, of course. Also inside the envelope was a piece of paper with instructions on how to plant the pit and take care of it.

Suppose that the man didn't read the instructions. He might not know what the peach pit was. He'd shout, "What's this? I see no branches. I see no lovely blossoms. Where's the trunk? This isn't a peach tree. I've been tricked." He might even throw away the pit in disgust.

Farmer Prem But suppose he did read the instructions. Then he'd understand. He'd prepare a plot of ground, fertilize it, and clear away the larger stones. Then he'd plant the pit, and water it. As the young shoot started to grow, he'd take out any weeds that were growing nearby, and protect the young tree from animals and birds. After a while, he'd be able to look out his window and see a wonderful peach tree, full of blossoms. And in summer, he'd be able to taste the fruits of his tree.

The Seed of Meditation

Farmer Prem When someone is taught how to meditate, a seed is planted in their heart. It is a precious and delicate seed, and it needs to be looked after. But the fruits we enjoy when this seed sprouts are the fruits of love and peace of mind.

We all want to know how to live out our lives in peace and happiness. We try to find happiness in our daily pursuits. We may seek love through personal relationships; or we may look for peace of mind in religions or intellectual theories. But in order to experience true love and peace, we must know where it really comes from and how to find it.

Guru Maharaj Ji teaches us a meditation. We call it "the Knowledge", because through this meditation, we come to know the source of love and peace inside us. It is a natural process; a process of growth and great beauty.


We are glad you have been able to join us today, and hope you find this program informative and enjoyable. Several people will speak about the experiences they have had with this meditation, and the benefits it has brought into their lives. The meditation itself will not be taught at this program. There are special sessions at which the techniques of meditation are revealed.

Today's program is more in the nature of an introduction. The speakers will not deliver planned lectures or refer to notes. We hope their spontaneity will communicate the enthusiasm they feel more directly than a well phrased discourse. This type of meeting is one of the main ways we have to share our experiences of this meditation, and for our understanding of it to grow. It is an excellent preparation for receiving the techniques of meditation. For although each of us will speak from our own personal life, in a way that reflects our own individual background, we are all speaking of one experience, which goes beyond the words and descriptions we may use.

It isn't really the words that we are trying to communicate, it's the feeling, the love that's behind them. That's why, if you listen with your heart as well as your intellect, you will be better able to capture the joy and the spirit of which we are speaking. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach the MC after the program. He or she will be very glad to talk with you.

Where Do I Go to Learn More?

Remember the peach pit? We want to help everybody who receives this meditation to understand as much as possible about it beforehand. In order to do this, Divine Light Mission has set up informative programs in all its communities, where you can learn more about the Knowledge, and find out how to receive the actual techniques of meditation.

All programs sponsored by Divine Light Mission are free of charge. This includes the actual session in which the meditation is taught.

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