Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Giving Holy Breath Project
Love …

In Service
to Humanity

Beginning of the Mission

Remember when Guru Maharaj Ji came to America? We were scattered souls. He had to pull us out of quicksand. Born in the century of the atom bomb, we grew up trying every door marked "escape" and found dead end streets. When Guru Maharaj Ji came, many of us were living on the edge. And He arrived just in time.

How can His Grace be described? He traveled half way around the world to find us. And after doing that, He gave to us the way to find Him. He changed our lives forever. Lost children were brought home. He gathered strangers and showed them they were the oldest, dearest friends. Slowly, we came to Him to see what He would have us do.

He told us to form a mission to spread love throughout the earth. He gave us the key to unlock human suffering arid ignorance. But, blinded by past actions and impressions, we had little understanding of how to use His gifts or follow Him as one family.

His patience with us was more than anyone could imagine. He taught us the consequences of noncooperation by showing us our own actions. He let us finish up our individual games. We can finally appreciate that the beginning of the Mission was for us. So we would be prepared to begin His work on earth.

PremiesGathering the Family

Can we see the world is fast approaching that moment when human beings will open to His love? Can we sense the tide of human enterprise may soon turn and flow back to Him? Can we feel our own purpose moving toward the starting line? Can we imagine that all the separate strands of this family might now be woven into one great flag? Is now the time to gather this premie family at His feet?

A new understanding is now growing in our community. It does not matter what path we have followed to arrive at this place of understanding. It only matters that His call to us, coming from inside, be recognized and that we drop the barriers among us and join our hearts and hands.

Project Love

We call this understanding Project Love. It has a simple aim. Every premie in America will be found and embraced and brought into one vast spiritual army. We'll draw ourselves in tight around Him so that even His whisper can be heard. We will dedicate ourselves to helping every brother and sister in His family connect in service and find their perfect place. So that when He speaks to us, the premies of America will be at hand to serve His will. This is Project Love.

Volunteers will form teams in over 150 communities. The teams will meet every premie and share honest satsang. They will search among the premies themselves for every suggestion that will help us come together as one family. The way to end our separation is known among us.

These community volunteer teams will open wide the Mission doors, allowing American devotees to come and contribute in any way they can. Project Love will have acheived its first goal when every brother and sister graced with Knowledge has found their own way for regular dedication, service, and satsang. Project Love is a national effort to create a perfect flow of communication and organization from Guru Maharaj Ji to every premie.

Two Steps to Perfect Love

To serve humanity, we must first find our own meeting ground and come together as a real family. Our work on earth begins with us.

There are two practical steps.

Step One: The Active Membership Program

Project Love is a call to every premie to become an active member of Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission. Before we received Knowledge, there were posters, leaflets, magazines and satsang programs explaining Knowledge. There were ashrams or centers where we could come and hear Mahatmas. If other premies had not supported these activities, we might never have received this Knowledge. Now we need a hundred thousand premie hands to support Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission in the world. We must build an active membership for this support.

ServiceThere is something very practical happening when you make regular and consistent dedication. And there is something very magical happening when each expression of love is pooled with all the other donations and is multiplied many times over. The secret of dedication has to be experienced. Maybe you can't work in a DUO office full time. Or spend your weekends at a prison. Or arrange halls and sat-sang programs. But the job that occupies your time and energy can be turned into service to spread His Knowledge. What we create with our hands or earn from our jobs belongs to Guru Maharaj Ji. We can remind ourselves of the source by giving the first 10% of the fruits of every effort back to Him. The active members of Divine Light Mission are building a national tithing system. We are the foundation from which Knowledge is spreading. When every premie has gathered at the base, we will have built a platform of dedication from which Maharaj Ji can speak to all lands. This is the immediate task of every premie in the United States.

But active membership is more. It is a recognition that our family's purpose is to serve Him. Every component part of this family should be assembled into one working computer so that Guru Maharaj Ji can push the button. In the past, service has appeared to require full time availability. This is changing now. Project Love is opening a vast volunteer service program. We can serve in prisons, hospitals, mental retardation homes, camps, drug programs, food coops, schools, clinics, Divine Sales, DUO offices and ashrams. The active membership program offers service especially tailored for premies with full time or part time jobs. Social service projects are opening so that every person can give one night a week. Step one of Project Love is to bring every American premie into a direct service for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Step Two: Building the Community

Our understanding of satsang should be traced back to its roots. The word means "in the company of truth." We need each other's company on this path. If

Serviceour lives are joined together, we can better help ourselves become living satsang. Individuals can turn their homes into Info Centers. Centers will grow into communities. Communities should support schools, clinics, satsang halls, food co-ops and programs for the whole family. Help our family create the conditions for every premie to come to satsang easily. Transportation pools and babysitting clubs can be organized. But satsang is not just the meetings to hear the words. It is a way of life. It is a daily process of taking down the walls among us. Holy Company is His gift of other premies in our lives. Our lives must join like fingers on the hand for the world cries for healing, helping hands. That's why Project Love is building the community.

Will You Come?

Will you join Project Love? Will you share this message with every brother and sister? Will you be a volunteer for this mobilization of our spiritual family? Will you participate in a growing and beautiful assembly of premies and come together to serve His plan for peace? The answer is, we will. For He has said to us: "I will come where there is love and unity for I love love and I love unity." And we are people who only want for Him to come to us and come to all the world.

Cool Line

Join the Active Membership Program

Programs for Service -

World Welfare Association
social service and satsang in hospitals, prisons, old age homes, drug rehabilitation centers, welfare offices, mental retardation homes, youth centers and more to come.

Performers of the Living Arts
singers, dancers, musicians, mimes, bands, actors, and performers of every kind spreading love, sat-sang and inspiration among premies and the larger community.

Minority Groups
programs of social service and satsang for blacks, Spanish speaking people and other minority groups in the United States.

Shri Hans Humanitarian Services
programs of health treatment offered through public clinics that specialize in preventive medicine as well as human medical care.

Shri Hans Educational
teacher training and special schools based on creative expression and a consciousness of the aim of human life.

Shri Hans Food Services
food co-ops, premie farms, food relief programs, food systems for large gatherings and festivals that aims to serve the premie community and the larger public.

Divine Sales
cooperative businesses serving the larger community and supporting the programs of the Divine United Organization.

And It Is Divine
subscribe to the magic magazine to spread love and light on the earth.

Divine Times
subscribe to the premie newspaper serving the communication needs of our community.

Shri Hans Graphics
a program of design and graphics to create through art feelings of love behind every printed word.

the adaption of technology to our propagation, utilizing tapes to bring visual and audio communication to our entire community.

Shri Hans Films
a program of films on the work of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji and His Mission in the world.

For more information contact your local DIC
or DUO Director or write to:

Divine Light Mission
511 Sixteenth Street
Denver, Colorado 80202