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Imagine hundreds of people so full of love that they cannot contain themselves. So full of concern for their fellow man and so committed to erasing human suffering that they are going into prisons and institutions, to the old, the sick, the lonely and the desperate, simply out of their desire to share and express the love they feel inside.

Who are these people? They are volunteers of the World Welfare Association, an agency of Divine United Organization. They are people dedicated to spreading peace throughout the world. They have realized something very beautiful in their lives, something every person can experience for himself. And now, with no other thought than to communicate this feeling to others, they are freely giving their time and energy to accomplish this end. And thus Project Love has come into being.

Officially begun in January, 1974, Project Love is the social service program of the World Welfare Association. It is now operating in 30 cities across the country and consists of 150 programs and projects which employ the talents of a thousand dedicated volunteers. Already it has brought joy into the lives of thousands.

Sharing Love

Project Love – includes the following programs:

Programs for the Aged – ranging from entertainment and recreational activities at nursing homes to hot lunches for Senior Citizens.

Children's Programs – sponsoring Films for Children, entertaining the kids in Children's Hospitals, and assisting in play therapy programs to help children from broken homes.

Community Improvement Projects – aiding other organizations in their efforts (United Fund, Hunger Hike, etc.) as well as sponsoring, co-ordinating, and participating in environmental improvement programs.

Correctional Institutions – providing entertainment, recreation, vocational training and counseling at a wide variety of these institutions – from half way houses and juvenile homes to state and federal prisons. Drug Alternative Programs – a practical program of massage and meditation presented as an alternative to the drug syndrome. This program is now in effect at methadone and poly-drug centers across the country. Hospitals – with music, skits, and buffoonery, Project Love is delighting countless numbers of patients in the hospitals of our major cities.

Mental Health – through entertainment, counseling, and loving company, Project Love aids in the socialization of the mentally retarded and the emotionally disturbed.

Youth Programs – outreach programs aimed not only at understanding youth and their problems but at involving youth in activities and environments that help further personal growth.

Project Love Logo

Project Love is just that –a project of love, pure and simple.
It is a project of people caring and sharing their time, energy, and resources to touch the lives of others who are less fortunate.
We know that you care.
Won't you please help us share this Love?
All contributions are tax-deductible.

Project Love Logo

"It is with agencies as yours that we will not only be able to turn the city around but likewise move it forward."

– Coleman A. Young
Mayor of Detroit

"Our residents of the Binion Facility and those women from Georgia Women's Prison wore smiles for days afterwards … it was the single brightest event in the history of this center … it is truly encouraging to see people give so much for just the pleasure of seeing smiles on people's faces."

– Central State Hospital
Milledgeville, Georgia

"I no longer want heroin and for the first time in my life I can think clearly, relax, and enjoy living."

– Ex-addict,
Chicago Methadone Clinic

"Yours is the best therapy I know."

– Metropolitan Hospital Center,
New York City

"How nice to have groups such as yours among our volunteers! We get such glowing reports about your performances and requests that you all come back again!"

– American Red Cross
Chicago, Illinois

"It is really a unique thing when people come to a home such as this and really show tenderness to sick and aged people. Your group was really unique in doing this. I hope you will come back and visit. You are always welcome."

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