Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 1978 Press Articles

By 1978 both Prem Rawat's followers and critics were advertising their programmes and events and books.

A Skeptical Mind and a Sharp Wit can always skewer pretentious pomposity and provide general amusement.

The tragedy in Jonestown Guyana dominated cult news in late 1978 and Bob Mishler, former President and John Hand, Jr. former Vice-President of DLM believed they needed to speak out.

In Argentina, DLM was one of 3 cults banned. 87 premies were arrested on drug charges.

The growth of cults in Europe provoked legislation in countries where community controls were greater than in the USA.

One premie in Jamica could no longer allow the Guru who reveals God to be mistakenly called a "cult leader" and edified the reading public.

Theodore Roszak minced no words when he lumped Jim Jones, Charles Manson and the Maharaj Ji together