12-THE VALLEY INDEPENDENT, Thursday, June 9, 1978

Check laws on abduction to deprogram

HARTFORD, Conn. (UPI) - Us Attorney Richard Blumenthal is investigating to determine if any laws were broken when a Pennsylvania woman was allegedly abducted from a religious sect and deprogrammed.

Jac-Lynn Corn, 24, of Huntington Valley, Pa„ was a member of the guru Maharaji's Divine Light Mission when she was forced into a car May 4 while walking with a companion. Miss Corn's companion told police one of the three abductors was Miss Corn's father, Dr, Philip Corn, a dentist.

Two weeks later, the FBI said it would investigate the alleged kidnapping. But Ted Patrick, known for talking members of religious sects into renouncing the organizations, called the Hartford Courant and said Miss Corn was fine.

On May 18, Miss Corn appeared before a Pennsylvania judge and said she was not being held against her will. The judge said he considered the case closed.