Voice of the People
Divine Light

THE EDITOR. Sir:- I write this letter for the edification of Ms. Dawn Ritch and the readers of her column. She has seen fit to include Divine Light Mission with various organizations in her article on the mass suicides in Guyana. Recently the co-ordinator of the Divine Light Mission in England was approached by the B.B.C. in connection with the making of a documentary on religious cults. The co-ordinator replied that he was unable to be of any assistance as the Divine Light Mission was neither a religion or a cult.

For seven years I have read and heard Guru Maharaj Ji's Mission classified and vilified as a cult or at best a body of people subjected to mass or group consciousness.

I am a member of Divine Light Mission by virtue of the fact that Guru Maharaj Ji revealed the source of peace and love within me and enabled me to experience it at will. There are a number of persons like me in Jamaica and throughout the world. Together we are known as Divine Light Mission. Divine Light? On initiation seven years ago, Guru Maharaj Ji revealed a self effulgent light within me referred to in many religions as "God.”

I am, etc.,


8a Donhead. Avenue,
Kingston 6.
Nov. 20. 1978