Divine Light initiator visits

An initiator of Divine Light Mission, Mr. Celso Lousado, is visiting Jamaica for ten days from May 7 to 17. Mr. Lousado, a Brazilian, became a member of Divine Light Mission six years ago.

In 1977, he was made a full-time initiator by Guru Maharaj Ji, the spiritual head of the Mission.

An initiator is authorised by Guru Maharaj Ji to reveal the meditative techniques of "Knowledge," the name given to the spiritual disciplines leading to the direct personal experience of inner peace and fulfilment in life.

Guru Maharaj Ji declared at the age of 12, "I will establish peace in this world," and it is to this end that his initiators are working. They travel all over the world directly revealing to those who ask sincerely the actual source of peace and love within a human being.

During his stay here, Mr Lousado will be meeting with local members of Divine Light Mission, both in Kingston and Montego Bay.