Divine Light Mission Initiator Coming

An Initiator of Divine Light Mission, Miss Sherry Weinstein, will be in Jamaica from today to January 29 during her tour of the Mission's communities in Jamacia, Puerto Rico and Trinidad. During her stay she will be hosted by local members in Kingstaon and Montego Bay.

Miss Weinstein became a member of Divine Light Mission several years ago and was made a fulltime initiator in 1977 by Guru Maharaj Ji, the organization's spiritual head.

He has given her the authority to initiate persons into "Knowledge", the name given to the spiritual discipline practised by its members. The discipline includes daily meditation, service and regular meetings to share the experience of inner peace gained through the pratice of "knowledge." Divine Light Mission is active in some 50 countries throughout the world.

The initiator will be speaking at two public programmes in Kingston to persons interested in finding out more about Knowledge.