Light Reading 1980 Cover CONTENTS

Introduction (Emily Dietz)
This Is The Reality (A. Brigham)
Light! (R. Davis)
Who Are You? (Interview with Guru Maharaj Ji)
One Central Point (A. Goldstein)

Satsangs of Guru Maharaj Ji

Satsang literally means "company of Truth" and is also used to refer to discourse about the experience of Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji reveals.

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Light Reading is light reading. It doesn't play heavily on your emotions like Newsweek or a thrilling novel and it won't give you "brain strain" like a physics book. The lightness lies in the perspectives and the message of the speakers and writers whose words are contained within. Neither religious nor philosophical, political nor academic, their message is refreshingly simple.

Our daily reading of political accounts, exhilarating fantasies, intellectual knowledge, and perhaps a few beautiful words is entirely different than the opportunity to become acquainted with the existence of one's soul. One is common, the other is rare. One takes place in time, the other is dimensionless. And - the obstacle that most of us have difficulty overcoming - one is socially acceptable and the other is not.

Society informs us that our security is to be found on Wall Street, in families, and in insurance policies. Some have rebelled against this, yet few have found significantly more peace in newly-adopted values (having grown up in this generation, I know). Light Reading suggests that the only security seriously worthy of your investment is the well of life that springs from within your own heart.

More fundamental than anything you could ever hope to know, it is the experience of perfection. A religious person would probably call it God. A scientist might refer to it as pure energy. Actually it eludes conceptualization. Present long before man started naming it, it is self-existent. It will continue to exist long after you, me, this magazine and Wall Street return to dust.

Indeed, concealed in the simplicity of Light Reading is a message about the power of the universe. Still, it is "light reading" because that power manifested in human experience is joyous and full of childlike abandon. In Light Reading you won't actually be revealed this energy, for no amount of words can create the experience. Perhaps the remarkable approach to life - so evident in the following pages - can simply demonstrate that it is possible.

The experience? It is called "Knowledge." The giver? His name is Guru Maharaj Ji. E.D.