"Knowledge. Knowledge of what? Knowledge of all
knowledges. Knowing everything;
not having a necessity to know anything more.
The peak of contentment.
The manifestation of complete harmony.
The realization of life.
The realization of the purpose of life.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

A lot of people believe that there is no purpose to this life we have; that it's all just by chance that we are alive and on this Earth. Well, when you look around you - it's a possibility. You can take a look at everything around you from the infinite reaches of outer space to the microcosmic complexity of one cell of your own body and decide that it all came about just by chance, without purpose or design. But it doesn't seem very likely.

Take a car: I could start trying to convince you that it was an accident, that this car wasn't created by anybody. It just sort of fell together. A big wind came up and blew in some rubber from Southern California. Then a lightning storm came up and vulcanized this rubber. There was some chrome in Indochina, and an iceberg came by and caught that up. Some glass blew in from somewhere. Then this whirlwind blew and all of a sudden, "Boom!" There it was: a car! Some ink happened to spill on it in such a way that it says, "Made in USA."

Would you believe it? Of course not. You'd say, "That's nuts! Of course it was made, of course it was manufactured. It has a purpose!" Then we look at this whole creation - stars, moon, sun, air, flowers, grass, dogs, animals, human beings. And we say, "lt was just an accident. It just happened." And this is what we believe. "You know how dust is. It starts swirling around, and before you know it, it's a Sun. You know how the sun is. It starts spinning around. Before you know it, there are thousands of suns." That dust is something else! Then it throws something out: the Earth. That starts spinning around. Before you know it, you have the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean; before you know it, the duckbilled platypus is roaming around. Before you know it, there are hamsters, apes. And one day Joe Ape says to Josephine Ape, "Man, I'm getting tired of swinging around in these trees. And do you think you could cook these bananas?" And then, "Did you see - that seed fell into the ground and corn grew! We could plant it in rows! We could move to Kansas …" Before you know it, you've got New York City. You know how dust is, just swirling around; before you know it, just by accident …

Doesn't that sound just as crazy?

Life is happening to you now. And if there is a reason for it, this is the time to find out what it is. Because even if, by some bizarre set of circumstances, a car did suddenly materialize on your front lawn, it wouldn't do you any good if you didn't know what it was. You wouldn't even know what to do with it. And if you don't know what your life is, how can it have any purpose?

Of course the idea that there is a purpose for human life is hardly a new one. There are all sorts of philosophies and religions and scientific hypotheses that try to unravel the universe and find where man fits into the picture. That search has gone to every imaginable length. Computers test the historical validity of scriptures. Space probes cruise our solar system in search of other traces of human life. Electrodes monitor the impulses of the human brain. There are theories and theories, and it all gets pretty complicated. Where does an individual human life fit in to all that?

Guru Maharaj Ji says that there is a Purpose to your life, a perfect purpose which is common to everyone. He says that this life isn't just some cosmic accident, and the thing that makes him different is that he doesn't just talk about it. He can show it to you.

It isn't the kind of thing you can read about. There's no need to struggle with some concept to see if perhaps it might fit or to try to believe in something which may or may not be true. It is something you can experience inside yourself. A religious person might call it God. An atheist might call it the life-force, or pure energy. Guru Maharaj Ji calls it Knowledge because it is something which can be known, intimately and surely. He says that that experience is the purpose of your life. L.B.