Guru Maharaj Ji in Orlando, Florida, on November 9, 1975.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1979

Behind all the scene that you see here, there is a very big story. That story - the heart, the rhythm of that story - is what we are trying to convey to all the brothers and sisters of this world. And that is that there is something that we are looking for.

You see, whatever has happened in this world did not start today or yesterday. It has been happening for an extremely long time. As long as we can trace it, there has been a constant search by human beings. Man has been trying to constantly reach out of his boundaries and know, find out, really understand what that "something" is.

That something is very nameless, and therefore it is hard to pin it down, and to put our fingers on it and say, "Here it is. This is what we are looking for." It's like trying to identify a person when you do not know what he looks like, you do not know his name, you don't know anything about him. And yet you are trying to find out who that person is. Now what you might try to do is question him and gather some information


that might help you. But you don't have any lead on that person, so it becomes very hard. In the same way we are trying to search for a thing that we know does exist - I mean, we know it definitely exists - but we do not know what it is, what it looks like, or what it is named.

"What we are
trying to do is bring that
Knowledge to you
that all the scriptures talk
about, through
which peace can be with you
all the time."

There are so many scriptures, there are keys to scriptures, and there are so many people who love God, who want to talk about God. They have not necessarily ever seen God, but they want to talk about it. They are sincere people, they are good people, and they know that the Power exists.

Now what we are trying to explain is that we know that we have a fantastic experience. We have something which is Knowledge; we have something which is meditation. And meditation is the lead, the cable, that connects the two things -- God and us -- together. We have that. And not only do we have the television, but we also have the video camera through which we can really bring an object which is extremely far away into our own room, into our own bedroom as a matter of fact.

See, God is something so beautiful. We all know that. We have experienced it when we look around and see the beautiful skies. I mean people who have been living in Florida are very lucky. You have very beautiful weather here, nice and warm. Sometimes it's raining, and on the other hand it's sunshine and beautiful rainbows, beautiful sights, beautiful beaches and a beautiful ocean. When a man looks out to all those things there is no excuse for him not to bend down and accept an Authority, a Power, that has created it. He has no excuse. He cannot deny the fact that something like that exists.

And what our approach is, what we are trying to do, is bring that Knowledge to you that all the scriptures talk about, through which peace can be with you all the time. Because it is within inside of you. That Lord, that Power that we are all so desperately searching for we also call "omnipresent." And I am pretty well aware that all of you understand the meaning of omnipresent. "Omnipresent" means present everywhere. So, when it is omnipresent, why go look for it outside? We are also a part of Him. That Power is also within inside of us. Because it's everywhere, it's also within inside of us.

It's like this watch that we have been wearing. Say we had a very tiring night, we were up all night, and then all of a sudden we wake up and we have to get ready. We have to go to the airport and catch our airplane,


and we are tired, more tired than you can imagine, and we are trying to get things together. We are in a hotel room opening all the drawers, shutting all the drawers, finding where everything is, just throwing it in the suitcase… And then all of a sudden you think, "Where is my watch? You say, "Oh, this is just the time to forget it! Why didn't I put it on last night and leave it?"

Then we start looking again, we go through everything, and we start screaming, shouting… I mean this has happened. It happens to me when we are traveling. And not only me, it happens to other people too who are traveling in my party. Everybody just sort of goes wild because they are trying to figure out where this thing is. Then I look at my wrist and there is the watch.

But, you see, the fact is that in this life, in this world, the thing that we are looking for is very, very close to us. It has to be. The reason why it has to be very close to us is because we have to find it. We are supposed to be a part of it. We are supposed to be one with it. But man has created a gap between his Lord and himself. What we do is we push ourselves away from him. And how do we push ourselves away from him? By not really realizing, by not really knowing what we are doing. We just keep on going into this world, building that gap, that river, bigger and bigger. Then at one point we realize that we built this river so big that there isn't a boat in this world that'll cross it. And then we find out after we have done it that there isn't one single architect that can build a bridge across it. So what good is that river?

What we really have to know is that though we push ourselves away from our Lord, knowingly or unknowingly, he, because he is all merciful, walks closer to us himself. And he does. It is proven fact. When everybody was looking the other way, when everybody was confused, when everybody did not know what was going on, Jesus Christ came to us. We did not fly in to heaven to him. He came to us on this Earth to save us, to protect us. And he did not go through one misery; he went through thousands of them. For whom? For us. Our Lord comes to us. Though we by our mistakes push him away, he comes to us. And then when he does, we try to push him again, because of that mistake that we always make.

"I have said this
before and I am going to say it
again: Through
the Lord's Grace, you give me
love, and I will
give you peace."

When we take the history of all the Perfect Masters coming into this world trying to reveal this perfect Knowledge, combine it together and put it in one book, in one page, in one sentence, it sounds crazy. That is


when everybody goes and says, "How could there be people like that?" This is when the people turn around and say, "They must have been out of their minds." And they were. The question is, do we ever get up ourselves and face this question: If the Lord is omnipotent, if we all understand that he has the power to do any-

"This peace can be
revealed to any human being
on this planet.
The only requirement is that
he has his heart
open to accept this love. And
that's it."

thing in this world, and he controls everything in this world, he controls us, and it's because of his Grace that any structure is here (because you have seen the movies of earthquakes, haven't you?); if because of his Grace this Earth is here, and the sky is here, that Power can adapt himself. Because it's infinite, it can adapt itself to any shape, any form, anytime, in any way. Have you ever thought of that?

We know he is all-powerful and he is all-graceful. So see, what he might just do is he might love one of his very close devotees, he might just love us, and he might also love that delivery-man. So one day he says to the deliveryman, "I'll save you the trouble, boy. I'll deliver this milk to my devotee. He loves me very much." He comes knocking at your door and what have you got there? The Lord himself, standing with a bottle of milk.

Now, the thing is, it is not impossible. I am not saying that this is what's going to happen, that this is how the Lord is going to come to us. I am just giving you an example. He can do anything he wants, so he might just decide to do that. After he built the whole world and he found out it was too nuts, he just told Noah to bring a sample of one male and one female onto that boat, and he cleared up this world. Well, if he can do that, then he just might decide to turn around and say, "Listen. You know that would be a fantastic joke, because everybody is expecting me in one way, so I might just, you know, just for the fun of it …"

Because who are we? We are only Puppets of our Lord. He controls us and we have surrendered. So instead of making our right arm go up he might just decide to make our left arm go up. Because we are his puppets. Then what is going to happen? That's where the problem comes.

You see we arranged security for all the people who are here so that somebody doesn't walk in here and steal something or doesn't do harm to anybody. Now it's very hard, and that is the reason why we have security looking around and constantly being on the watch. It would be very easy if we knew exactly who the person was


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1979

who was going to be the thief. Then it would have been extremely easy for us because all we'd have to do is just keep an eye on the main entrance, and as soon as we see the guy walking up we just take him and say, "Listen, please leave the premises." Then we know we are safe.

But that's not the way it goes. That guy can be anybody. I know that's a wrong example, because I am talking about a mugger and a thief. But reverse that to the Lord. He can come in any form, any shape, any time, any way. And then we, the smart guys, will be left with our problem. We'll be taken down in the history books as one of "them" who, when the Lord came, never realized him. "When the Lord came they got blindfolded; when the Lord came they ignored him." Who knows? Again, that's completely up to you to decide whether that is going to happen. And it's for the Lord to decide whether he's going to do it or not.

So it doesn't matter how great we think we are, we are still nothing in front of that Lord; we are still nothing in front of that power. And there is only one thing we can do, which is to leave ourselves at his mercy, to really realize who he is, to see him, and experience his bliss and his grace within our hearts.

Why am I saying that? Well let me tell you. The reason why I am saying that is because it is possible in this age to realize and experience that Knowledge, that peace, that satisfaction, that we have been looking for for ages and centuries - now, at this time, in this age, in this century. It is possible.

It's available. It can be done. It has been done. And so our goal, our attempt, is to try to reveal this peace that we have experienced.

You see, maybe I say a few jokes


sometimes. And I give stories sometimes that I just heard. There is no basis to it. I cannot guarantee that story to you. And when I tell a joke, I sto

have heard it; I cannot guarantee to you that that in fact really happened. There are a lot of things that I cannot

"I have found that
missing link. As soon as I
found that missing
link, I became one with
everything. And
therefore I became everything.
Not as an
individual, but by merging
into that infinite
thing which has no beginning,
which has no end,
which cannot be created,
which cannot be
destroyed. We have it for you
to experience."

guarantee. I cannot guarantee that this world is going to be there for three more minutes. I can guarantee just about nothing. But I can guarantee one thing. And that is that we have experienced that love, that peace, that we all are looking for, and by our Lord's Grace, today, by his Grace and only by his Grace, this peace can be revealed to any human being - any being on this world, in this age, on this planet. The only requirement is that he has his heart open to accept this love. And that's it.

I have said this before, and I am going to say it again. Through the Lord's Grace, you give me love and I will give you peace. There are so many people who have received this peace. It sounds so impossible; it sounds so terribly impossible. And I can understand that.

You see, there was a point my life my life when I had not received Knowledge. I was a very little kid, I was in third grade, and I used to have opportunities to go and listen to satsang, to go and listen to discourses. Well, they used to talk about peace, and about this Knowledge. Being in the environment that I used to be in with everybody talking about peace and everybody talking about that perfect energy, it occurred to me that there had to be something like that or all these guys were crazy. But I knew one thing. I had love, I had faith, I had trust in my Guru Maharaj Ji and I wanted that Knowledge. Because I knew it existed. I wanted that peace because I knew it existed.

Now as I was saying, when I started getting into the fact that there could be something like peace, believe me it was very, very difficult. I can understand the situation of some of the people who have not received this Knowledge yet or who are aspirants. Because the first question that I asked itself was, I am taking a gamble. I am going to go and I'm going to ask for this Knowledge, and I am going to know this Knowledge. Well, what is it going to be all about? Why do I even


Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1979

need peace? What is the purpose, what is the necessity? Why, why should I ever need peace.?"

You have to understand my situation. I was very little. To me, my happiness was my toys, my laughter; my smile was from playing around, going around and running around the house. I gave this a lot of thought before I realized that yes, really I want peace. I want it. Without that I am food without salt. I am a glass without water. I am the ocean without fish. There is no beauty in me. I am the plant that doesn't have any greenery. I am the mountain which is barren. I am the sky that's pale. I am a man who is not a human being. I really realized that. I saw that in itself I needed a coloring. I needed something, I was missing something. There was a missing link. And I also knew that something had to be done about it. And there was one thing that I did about it. Because I knew, I had heard my Guru Maharaj Ji say, my Perfect Master say, that he could reveal peace to anybody who came with an open heart.

First when I even got into the idea about deciding if I should go ahead and receive peace do I even need peace - at that point it was a big gamble for me. I didn't want it. I didn't want to take that chance. I didn't want to take the gamble. But then when I really looked at myself (I didn't go up to a mirror and look at myself, but I searched inside of me) I felt inside of me that I am definitely missing something. When I finally pinned it down, it was like, "I am missing something. Great. I am missing something. Oh well, forget


about it. I'll do that later. Let me play with my toy right now," or "Let me go play," or "Let me go and have my snack and I'll think about peace later. I am fine and dandy without it." But then when I really searched, when I really looked, I really found that no, I

"There is another
heart that doesn't pump blood
in your system,
but pumps love through you.
Look in that heart.
You will find there is
missing. And if you do, you
have an open
invitation, at any time, to
come and have
this Knowledge."

was not dandy without it. I thought I was. I was making a fool of myself. I thought I was okay. I was not okay. I really needed that peace.

I went to my Guru Maharaj Ji and he revealed this Knowledge to me. And then it was beautiful. Then everything was so clear, everything was splendid, everything was great. Can you imagine putting together a puzzle of 5,333 pieces and only having 5,332 pieces, having one piece missing from it? And that very piece sits right in the heart of that puzzle? Doesn't matter that you put the whole thing together; it is not worth going and showing it to somebody and saying, "Look, I put the puzzle together."

He's going to say, "Oh yeah? Well, what's that hole in the middle?" And that's what happens.

So ladies and gentlemen, we have something. We offer it to you free of charge. We want you to have it. That is the very reason why we offer it to you. Otherwise I could have been sitting in a college. (Well, not today I wouldn't have been because today is Sunday.) But I could have been sitting in a college and learning, getting my degree and whatnot, and if somebody came along and said, "Well, do you want peace?" I would say, "Are you kidding? I have a nice degree going for itself; I have a wife, I have a nice, beautiful daughter. What do I need peace for?"

But see, it's altogether a different story now, because I have found that missing link. As soon as I found that missing link, I became one with everything. And therefore I became everything. Not as an individual, but by merging into that infinite thing which has no beginning, which has no end, which cannot be created, which cannot be destroyed.

We have it for you to experience. We can offer it to you. We are offering it to you. We are not forcing it down your throat, believe me we are not. We are just offering it to you. If you want something like this look in your heart. Don't feel for a missing valve or don't feel for a hole in your heart, but feel … Now, I'm not


talking about this heart. This heart goes on and on and on and on until it's time for you to go. That's when it quits. Not in this heart. There is another heart that doesn't pump blood in your system but pumps love through you. Look in that heart. Have the blood pressure checked on that heart. You will find that there is something missing. And if you do, you have an open invitation at any time to come and have this Knowledge.

We are revealing this Knowledge to you, you see. Actually, I said before that we have this Knowledge to offer. But we can't even offer it to you. The reason is that this is not something that we pull out of our pocket and say, "Here. That'll be. five cents." Or we give you all this big rap about Knowledge and peace and everything and then we say, "You see the yellow tent over there? Go down there and put five cents in that machine and you'll get Knowledge out of it." No, it's nothing like that. This is something which is within inside of you and it's revealed to you. So if you want it, you are most welcome. You are most welcome.

But before you do even approach anybody about this Knowledge, I request you to do one thing. Look within inside of you, in your heart, and see if you do really have a missing link. I don't want you to be talked into something like this and then tomorrow you realize that you didn't even need it and then you say, "That guy was speaking just nothing but lies, a bunch of lies." I don't want to be called a liar, and I am not a liar. I have this Truth, and I am revealing this Truth to people because I know and I have experienced it. And many, many people have experienced it with me. But first I want you to find out for yourself; do you need it, do you want it, are you ready for it? If you are and if you want it you are more than welcome to receive it.

I can't really say much more. The decision is up to you. The Lord will always be there but the opportunity for you to seek him, to find him, is not always going to be there. Because the Lord is unlimited and you are not. You are very limited. Maybe our lifetime of fifty years, one hundred years, one hundred and twenty years, is a split second on our Lord's watch. He is always going to be there; he's always got opportunities; he's always going to come one decade after another after another. Are we?

Let's be practical about it. Let's forget about reincarnation for a second. Let's just be practical about it. I don't think anybody has died and come back again and said, "Yeah. There is something like reincarnation." Let's just be practical about it. Maybe there is reincarnation, maybe there isn't. I think it makes more sense to be practical about things. So let's be practical about it. Are we going to be there? Or are we not going to be there?

So now is the time, now is the opportunity, to receive, to understand, that beautiful, beautiful Knowledge. Because it can be done.

Thank you very much. May God bless you.