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There is something keeping us alive. You can't see it with your eyes, and you can't hear it with your ears. You can see somebody standing in front of you, all the limbs intact, but you cannot see the thing within that body that is holding it all together. If there were no life-force present within the body, the flesh would not remain intact; the bones would fall down in a pile on the ground.

The experience of the energy keeping us alive is referred to as Knowledge. But the experience can never be known externally, through your senses. Peace can only be found within.

Sometimes a person will say, "Well, I already have peace." But their satisfaction has some external source. Maybe it comes from a spouse, children, a job, a nice house, a nice neighborhood, a certain standard of living, or good health. We look to so many things for satisfaction. Yet those things are all external. A baby can in fact grow up and turn out to be a big headache. He may do something contrary to his parents' expectations. He may grow up and not respond to the love of his parents. Or that baby can go to war at the age of eighteen and die. Everything external is that way.

Jobs - there was a time in the 1920's when everything was fantas-


tic. A booming economy. Everybody making money. "The roaring "20's": everybody was dancing, doing the Charleston, supposedly really happy. Then the stock market crashed, the economy fell, and people ended up jumping out of windows, waiting in bread lines, going through incredible identity crises.

What Guru Maharaj Ji says is so simple. He says, "Listen. Don't base your happiness on external things because from these external things you can never derive true satisfaction."

When we look outside of our own bodies, all we can see is the surface of life. We can never know what is behind that surface. Our eyes themselves are matter and all they can experience outside is matter.

Underlying that matter is the sun-stance, the essence, that will satisfy us. We dwell inside of our bodies; the senses, our eyes are windows. We live inside. We are not our thoughts. When we came out of our mother's womb, we didn't have a name, we didn't have a language, we didn't have a religion, we didn't have a culture. Yet we most definitely existed. There was life there; there was consciousness there. There was an existence independent of thoughts, independent of culture, independent of religion. That existence is the Truth.

Once when Guru Maharaj Ji was talking about Truth, he said, "What is the difference between a living body and a dead body? That is the Truth. Until you know that Truth, your life will never be fulfilled." That's why there are people who are dissatisfied, who can honestly look inside themselves and see that they are empty, that something is missing. These are the people who are open to the Perfect Master. Whenever a Perfect Master is in the world, only people who recognize their dissatisfaction go to him.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master because what he is offering, the experience which comes from him, is perfect. There is no discontent within it, there is no dissatisfaction within it; it is complete in itself. We can realize it by doing meditation upon the energy which keeps us alive instead of concentrating on our own opinions and our own ideas. People ask, "What is the experience of perfect energy?" Literally, it is seeing Light inside, hearing music inside, tasting nectar inside, feeling a vibration of love inside which has always been called the Word. It's there when you are walking through the streets. It's there when you are sitting all alone - no records, no radio, no TV set, nobody in the room with you. You feel that presence. You meditate on it. You hear it. You merge into it and you are fulfilled. You don't want to stop. You know that this is the road of eternity you are walking upon. This is the eternal vibration which keeps everything existent in this world. Guru Maharaj Ji reveals that experience. This is where you are going. This is the reality. A.B.