" Always when a True Master comes, he has guided
the people and shown them the True Light
and told them to follow this pure Light. Then only
can you reach the destination that you have to reach.
- Guru Maharai Ji

In my Knowledge session I had an experience of a very brilliant white Light inside of myself. By Light I don't mean clarity or an understanding. I mean an actual light that you can see, the way you look at the sun and see light. Only the Light I saw in my Knowledge session was much whiter, much more brilliant, much more powerful than the sun. And it was inside of me.

And though I had never experienced anything like it, it seemed so familiar, so natural, not at all threatening. And within myself experienced a total peace … the word "peace" falls short of it. It had a depth and a joy to it. It was unique.

A place opened up for me, a place more basic than the story of my life. And I have found that place again and again by concentrating my attention on that Light and relaxing. It's always there inside of me.

And for me that experience, that Light, is there whenever I open up to it, whenever I concentrate on it. Recognizing who has made this possible, use words like "Lord" or "Perfect Master" to describe him.

Guru Maharaj Ji opens a person so he can experience the source of peace. We have to find that peace and it is inside of us, and that's where Guru Maharaj Ji takes us.

From the first time I met him to the last time I saw him - I really don't have any words to describe it. It's like being bathed in the deepest pool of the most perfect love. It's an experience that makes people hungry to come before Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji brings forth an experience of that real thing inside all of us.