Light Reading April 1977 Vol 1 No. 11

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The Premrose With Inn, Inn Side

The Prem Rose is located at 1456 Vine Street in Denver's historic Capitol Hill area – or, to put it another way, in the heart of premieland, where you can find the biggest single community of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees anywhere outside Bihar state in India.
Editorial by Mitchell Ditkcoff  2
Editorial Mitchell Ditkcoff; Poetry by Erika Anderson

So let yourself enter. Trust in the One who has entrusted you with the Holy Name. Give yourself to it and receive everything in return. Then give that back again to the infinite Giver of all … Oh my Guru Maharaj Ji, allow us to bathe in the warmth of your presence. And when, as you wish, you chill us to blindness, wearing clouds like a sultan's shy bride, let the rain we receive grow us closer to you …
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Innerview Brian McDermott

At one point, I saw Guru Maharaj Ji's complete mercy and it overwhelmed me. I saw premies going through the darshan line that I had known, who were having difficulty with Knowledge or having doubts about Guru Maharaj Ji. They did pranam and Guru Maharaj Ji bestowed such an experience on them. He immediately bestowed love. I saw that we forget Guru Maharaj Ji all the time, but Guru Maharaj Ji never forgets us.
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Spring Bazaar A Celebration of Sharing

"The time has come when that peace bomb is really going to start exploding. And so premies, I'll let you know when the next program is going to be. But I'd very strongly suggest you start preparing for it as soon as you get back. Otherwise you might be surprised."
Beautiful Inside, Beautiful Outside The Aspirant Retreat

I started thinking about what it's been like being Marilyn. Suddenly that protective pretense of "Things aren't so bad … life is beautiful …" just fell away. I thought, "It's been awful being Marilyn." And I started crying, very quietly. When I tried to fight the tears I could feel my body shake. I couldn't stop. I saw myself as a lost little girl, and I cried for all the sadness and pain of my life. It was very painful. Afterwards, after being comforted a little, I felt in my heart that a power was working on me and had brought out that deep sorrow that was inside in order to start taking it away. I felt that finally there was an end ahead, that my Father was finally coming to care for me. All I wanted to do was go home to my Father, to God.
It's So Simple Guru Maharaj Ji, Bogota Columbia, January 18 1976

There is a definite reason why we have been called the crown of creation; there is a definite reason why we are in this world. And so we can't just sit down and think, "Oh, let's believe in Darwin's theory, let's just imagine we were a little frog one time and now we are a human being; maybe one day we'll get more advanced," and that's it. This is what a lot of people think, but it's really wrong, it's really crazy.
How Does Meditation Help You?

"If you have experienced something in this Knowledge, then just go ahead and meditate, and if you haven't, still go ahead and meditate."
"If you also meditate on this Knowledge, then you will also know what I know."
"All the premies who have confusion, who have doubts in their mind should do more meditation."
– Guru Maharaj Ji
Unity News Flash

A year ago an inspired premie would call DUO and ask, "I've been having a lot of satsang with some people at work; where should I bring them?" The uninspiring answer was inevitably, "well … uh … maybe you better cool it … there's not much propagation happening right now." Well, it seems "prachar" (remember that word) is on the upswing. A number of new initiators have been appointed by Maharaj Ji. He is requesting that aspirant preparation (which is presently about one year) become a three month process. He is encouraging public programs. He is inspiring the premies through frequent darshan programs. Maharaj Ji seems to be awakening our memory of his promise in the Peace Bomb satsang that his task is to bring Knowledge to the people of this world.

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Crusin' for Tofu

"It's a driveaway. We're off to Portland to see the Lord. See you next week." Just like that, with a knowing smile and a wave, he's gone.
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Peace Bomb Speech Excerpt

Give me your love, I will give you peace. Come to me, I will relieve you of your suffering. I am the source of peace in this world. All I ask of you is your love. All I ask is your trust. And what I can give you is such peace as will never die. I declare I will establish peace in this world.
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Who Are We?

Inspiration Guru Maharaj Ji
Editor Mitchell Ditkoff