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April, 1977
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Meditatin' mama
How Does Meditation Help You?

"If you have experienced something in this Knowledge, then just go ahead and meditate, and if you haven't, still go ahead and meditate."
– Guru Maharaj Ji

"The thing that happens most often in meditation is just a really beautiful place, a real calm. I spoke before Knowledge of being centered but I never really knew what that was. The thing that Maharaj Ji has said about meditation is that the more you meditate, the more your love grows. I've experienced that the more I put my concentration into meditation, I'll have that incredible feeling more and more. I don't know how the link happens or what, but it happens."
– Doug Higgins

"I should just tell you that meditation doesn't really help me or anything. It's become my life. I have a desire in my heart to become completely close to Guru Maharaj Ji, merged with Guru Maharaj Ji as soon as possible. Meditation has become the access to experience Guru Maharaj Ji inside of me, so that I am constantly aware of the fact that Maharaj Ji is always with me every moment and I can constantly surrender to him. When I experience Maharaj Ji inside of me, it's easy to surrender because I feel his power and his strength and his love."
– Nathan Hammer

"It keeps my mind from eating me up."
– Susan Johnson

"Meditation shows me that it's fulfilling the deepest part of me. It doesn't really do anything for me, but it does something to me. It's just really fulfilling. I wouldn't know what that place was if Guru Maharaj Ji didn't tell me, 'O.K., concentrate here,' and then give me an experience that tells me a lot more about myself than I would ever know. I really don't like to think of it as doing anything for me, not like T.M. advertisements and all this. It just shows me that in itself it's just the purpose of our life. Just having had that experience gives such security. There's no service I can do or satsang I can give or experience that can really be the place of fulfillment like meditation is. It's complete."
– Susan Ramsey

"I've been finding that meditation helps me, all day every day, because I've got this baby now to look after. If I'm not centered, he really reflects it. He really lets me know when I'm centered and when I'm not. I almost can't handle it sometimes when I'm not focused, because there's no reason to be doing anything I'm doing if I'm not really coming from a centered place. I'm not helping my baby, I'm not helping myself, I'm not helping anybody. I have this feeling too lately of wanting to be centered because I feel it helps my baby. Maybe it's just a trip, but it's really beautiful, like having a mirror there all the time, just always seeing where you're at. I can feel HirshfieIdthat it definitely does help me."
– Donna Hirshfield

"If you also meditate on this Knowledge, then you will also know what I know."
– Guru Maharaj Ji

"Everything Maharaj Ji gives us has a reason for it. I feel that meditation lets me personally experience Knowledge, without which I couldn't understand him. If you can't understand him, then you can't understand the whole realization of your life."
– George Hope

"Meditation helps me gain my sense of perspective of who I am and what I'm doing in my life. It gives me my connection to God and gives me a practical experience of what is the essence of life. By having that experience, it really helps me enjoy my life."
– Allen Imbarrato

"That's like asking how does my existence on this planet help me, because without meditation I wouldn't have any existence. For me, meditation is the most beautiful thing because it shows me how to experience Maharaj Ji, how I can experience Maharaj Ji."
– Scott Perry

"Meditation really helps me remember that I don't have to think about myself at all, that I'm being taken care of completely. So, when I meditate, I'm really free to just enjoy myself and be happy, and feel Guru Maharaj Ji's love come through me for other people, instead of wasting all my energy thinking about myself."
– Pam Forster

"Meditation helps me because it gives me strength throughout the day."
– Frank Harris

"Meditation adds quality to my experience. It adds quality to my relationship with Guru Maharaj Ji. It adds quality in my relationships with people. And it adds quality to my relationship with myself. It gives everything a lot more value than if I'm not in that space, if I'm not in meditation. The whole thing is just Maharaj Ji, to tell you honestly. Meditation just adds a quality to my relationship with Maharaj Ji. It makes me feel really good."
– Steve Perlmutter

"Meditation is like getting into a helicopter and flying over your scene and seeing all of a sudden things you thought were so big or problems that you thought were so important. Everything is put into perspective. You come to a clarity where you can solve all your problems and you see that problems don't exist. They're just challenges, just opportunities to direct your energy. You can take care of everything in your life much better. It makes me feel good, makes me feel love."
– Carolla Haburchak

"It's always hard to express, but it reminds you to appreciative of being alive, because there's life that is giving you that experience and it's really beautiful to be aware of that."
– Michael Robbins

"So realize, do meditation and be happy."
– Guru Maharaj Ji

"I have a mind that speeds up and speeds up and speeds up and speeds up and if I give it an inch it'll take a foot and the foot will take a yard and the yard will take a mile and on and on … When I meditate, it works in the other direction I start slowing down until my revolutions around my center are cut down from a mile to a half-mile to a foot and then finally until a point where I'm completely neutral. I'm not forward, I'm not backward. I'm completely centered. It completely benefits me in every single thing that I do. You can use a million examples … whether it be eating – it'll aid in digestion; whether you're trying to get sleep – it'll help you sleep. If you want to get up in the morning, it'll give you energy to get up. It's the universal antidote to everything. It's beautiful."
– Michael Regan.

"For me, meditation seems to flush out all the tension and all the mind games that I build up all day long. If I do it .in the morning, it seems to build up a reservoir of energy that seems to keep away all those mind games and tension. When I meditate again at night, it seems like fueling up and cleaning my head out inside."
– Richard Tourzian

"Meditation gives me a place of clarity that's quiet. It's like going to a field on a farm and sitting in the sun for awhile. It's a place to settle down, quiet down and get a proper perspective on what's happening. I just went through a relationship in which I had everything I ever wanted – a beautiful girl, a fantastic place … but I still wasn't happy. Within that relationship, I was striving to make it perfect. The whole thing that came to me is that though it was more than anything else I ever had, it was still less than Guru Maharaj Ji's world. Once you taste Guru Maharaj Ji's world, there's nothing you can do anymore except strive to be perfect. Meditation is a key to that perfection."
– Dick Driskill

"The way I see it, the purpose of meditation isn't a helping thing, but rather something to completely merge with. It isn't something that transforms the particulars of our life, but something to merge with to realize that that's what is and who we are."
– Jim O'Brien

"I don't think I would be alive without meditation. It's given me an experience of God, of Guru Maharaj Ji inside myself, of being merged with that beauty and source of peace. Meditation puts me in a place where there is no personality there's nothing blocking the experience of union with God. It enables me to meet situations and let God deal with it, let Guru Maharaj Ji deal with it. If my mind is there, I'm unable to really get beyond the duality of: is this right or is that right? With meditation, you're right on beam, you're right on target, you're one with the experience that Guru Maharaj Ji's trying to bring forth. Then it's perfect."
– Chris Scott

"All the premies who have confusion, who have doubts in their mind should do more meditation."
– Guru Maharaj Ji