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April, 1977
Light Reading

The Eye Sees All

Who Are We?

Light Reading has emerged due to the Denver premier' desire to express their love for Guru Maharaj Ji. It is intended to be an open forum for sharing satsang, information and the practical manifestation of how Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge has benefitted us individually and collectively within our community.

Published every three weeks, Light Reading welcomes your feedback.

All submissions should be addressed to Light Reading, 1607 Race St., Denver, Colorado 80206. JSCA!

Guru Maharaj Ji
Mitchell Ditkoff
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Jeff Daniel, Jerry Greenburg
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David Mankoff, Dick McCaffrey
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Mac Avery
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Aileen Albers
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"And there is a secret to doing meditation if you didn't know about it, and the secret is: do it. It is our determination, and the strong determination. If you have that, we can do it, nothing can stop us."
Guru Maharaj Ji, Portland, Oregon January 30, 1977