Light Reading
April 1977
Page 11


LettersAt His Feet

Dear Light Reading,

By His Infinite Grace I am having the opportunity of sharing with our brothers and sisters in Europe the darshan of our Lord. I want to use this moment of deep calmness in my soul to share with all of you the vastness of His glory, the beauty of His Love, the totality and magnificence of His Mercy. It's so beautiful to be with Him, beyond any adjective or noun or verb to describe. For He is the Lord, the Creator of everything and we all are His children chosen to enjoy the limitlessness of His Love.

Every single premie in Europe is now awakening to this, and all of us together with Him, are merging in this ocean of peace that we have been made for. For life has only one purpose which is to come and know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him. In His service we come closer to Him and in full awe appreciate His beautiful majesty.

I am so happy at His feet. In every moment His presence is available to us, for He is here, there, and everywhere all the time if we are just open to experiencing Him. And in this happiness I want to share with all of you. Hoping to see you all at His feet at the Peace Flight in Montreal.
Jai Sat Chit Anand,
Carlos Warter

"One hour of serving God in accordance with the true law is worth a lifetime of serving the world."
Farid – 'Conference of the Birds'

Love From Detroit

Dear Light Reading,

I picked up your newspaper at Holi and am reading it now.

I simply felt compelled to write to you now to tell you how thoroughly and happily and deliciously I am enjoying each and every section and article of your newspaper. (And I've never had the inclination to do this ever before.)

I particularly want to say to Alan Cunningham how wonderfully entertaining and, at the same time, beautiful and warm his article was. His writing style is a perfect combination of lightness and at the same time a heartfelt depth of feeling, lacking the frivolousness which frequently accompanies lightness. Well, anyway, just tell him how much I enjoyed his article and to keep writing exactly as he is.

It's always possible, of course, that my intoxication from Holi is being projected onto your newspaper and that, in fact, you people deserve no credit at all; that your newspaper is, in reality, awful. But no! I don't think so. In fact, I'm quite certain that I'11 be enjoying each issue.

So, since your editorial expressed concern about whether or not your newspaper was what it ought to be, please accept my opinion (whatever it's worth) - IT IS! (What it ought to be.)

Well, not wanting to inflate your ego (and thereby completely ruin your newspaper probably) I'll just say keep up the good work.
Jai Satchitanand,
Arnie Pearl
Detroit, Mich.

Across The Ocean

Dear Light Reading,

By His infinite grace I am existing and experiencing this incredible Knowledge and lots of festival energy. Guru Maharaj Ji loves us so much. I can't even begin to say. Maharaj Ji totally controls our lives – every aspect! Really!!

The programs have been so beautiful – the land here is beautiful too. It's snowing here in Munich. But who cares?? Summer-Winter-Spring-Fall the love is still the same. See you soon.
Mike Regan

"God is simple; everything else is complex."