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April, 1977
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Bizarre "The time has come when that peace bomb is really going to start exploding. And so premies, I'll let you know when the next program is going to be. But I'd very strongly suggest you start preparing for it as soon as you get back. Otherwise you might be surprised."

Not long after the Denver premie community returned from the Holi Festival in Miami plans began being made to heed Guru Maharaj Ji's suggestion to prepare for the next one. Perhaps the most beautifully-manifested of all our preparations was the Spring Bazaar held on April 17th. This joyous celebration of sharing enabled all of us to come together in service to our Lord while practically raising the necessary money to finance the journey. Though it had been raining for two days previous and all weather forecasts called for more of the same, somehow a beautiful, bright, sunshiney day was given us …

"For me, it's been propagation. A lot of people have been coming up and been really amazed at the vibration happening here. A lot of people didn't plan to come: They camcome.hout money but they felt a lot of love and many are wanting to come to the program tonight."
– Cheryl Hanley

"It's really beautiful. It's such a personal experience."
– Bob Drake

"It's pretty obvious. It's such a beautiful day. I love the people here. This is the way people should make money anyway – sitting out in the sun. This is how they did it in the old days, just put the stuff on a table and sell it. It's a good way for us to come together."
– Corolla Haburchak

"I haven't sold anything very much but I've had a lot of fun. It's been beautiful. Nobody's uptight about anything."
– Nancy Melcher

"It's beautiful seeing all the people get together and have a good time in the sun. I had a weird feeling watching people sell their things. It made me think of my own attachments. There's a lesson in that. But it was colorful and fun."
– Richard Bucy

"When I first came here, I experienced a lot of love and the kind of quiet I experience when I am really centered in Knowledge, like at a festival. I share sat-sang and then I really remember what I'm doing here. That's really what it's worth, what it is for me."
– Susan Panasuk

"It's just beautiful. The sun is shining, satsang is happening and a lot of music. It feels like the love-in ftrom a long tiromgo. You know? People are just happy. There's no pressure. It's not like anybody is trying to do anything other than just be with each other and experience the day and the blue sky."
– Steven Cornelia

"Getting ready for this fair has given me a regular opportunity for service that I haven't had. And as a result, I've just lightened up and I'm feeling a lot of love. The air feels really clear here. I really appreciate that fact that we can all come together like this."
– Helen Harris

"I started out really wasted because I've been up for the past two nights and didn't meditate this morning and I realized that Maharaj Ji didn't give us these things not to use. So now I really feel like meditating. I went off and meditated for 20 minutes. I don't seem to appreciate it unless I'm bummed out and now I feel great."
– Phillip Mariot

"I just got here. I've been working all day. Right now, I wish I could make some money. Besides that, I'm doing all right."
– Danny Lewis

"What can I say? I just feel a whole lot of love. I just feel good all over."
– Susie Corbin

Spring Bazaar"A great deal. What is there to say? There's nothing to say, man. It's just a beautiful day and that's it."
– Norwood Winters

"It's very beautiful except for having to stay behind here and sell. I'd rather get in there and meet some people."
– Elaine Wong

"It was wonderful. I just sat in my booth and watched the world go by: rich, poor, black, white, straights, freaks, you name it. The vibration of Guru Maharaj Ji's love was so strong that people were getting blissed out and didn't even know why. When premies just let the power of Grace shine through as constantly as we did today, Knowledge, without a doubt, will spread throughout this world. It's part of our service to Our Lord to stay in this consciousness – sun, rain, sleet or snow, Denver, Montreal or the Yukon. For me, the bazaar was just a front, I guess – a front for love."
– Leslie Davidson

"It's really nice sharing with everybody. The thing was not really to sell anything but just to be conscious while we're here. To know that this is all so that we can go and be with our Guru Maharaj Ji is a good feeling for me."
– Julie Gaunt

"A lot of love. A lot of colorful people and colorful booths. A feeling of getting ready for the festival and getting rid of that extra baggage so that you can really concentrate on Guru Maharaj Ji and

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April, 1977
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Spring Bazaar Spring Bazaar just be with him. It's really always a deeper expression and experience of the beauty of Guru Maharaj Ji and how he comes through his premies."
– Scott Thompson

"I'm with the Community Health Education group. We've been selling herbs and doing foot massage. This morning when we started out, I was all hyped up from doing so much service and then we stopped and had satsang before everything started. It was so beautiful. Just to take that one moment changes the whole vibration. Why you're here is not to sell something so you can survive. It's just to serve Maharaj Ji. It's great to start the day with satsang. We haven't sold too many foot massages. Mostly we've been giving them away for free."

– Iliana Migon

"I'm experiencing so much that I can't talk fast enough to catch up with the experience. How can you express a hug in words?"
– Theodore Steckler

"Premies could do this every day. Not in this particular way necessarily, but just have opportunities to share all the smiles."
– Greg Childers

"It's really beautiful to me that it's all happening and it's all happening really easily. It wasn't a big production. It's just something that came together naturally. Everybody's here and everybody's enjoying themselves. The point is not so much to sell stuff or buy stuff. It just seems that people are happy to be here. Stuff is being sold too. It's really a beautiful thing to me."
– Joseph D'Amato

"I got here two hours ago. It's just been an experience of relaxation in the sun. It's really beautiful. Just another excuse to get together."
– Richard deLorenz

"I've been watching the children doing the "Cake Walk" and felt much love and simple happiness just exuding from everyone. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat."
– Donald Thielman

"There's been a lot going on here – people cruising around because they're curious. There's been a lot of satsang happening. That's really apparent, that's why we're here. It's not selling all this stuff because this stuff is where we used to be. It's really apparent that this meditation is so strong. It really cuts through all this stuff. Some people are experiencing a lot, being exposed to premies for the first time. The movie is Holy Name. To some people it's a rummage sale. But I've been experiencing that meditation is happening and sharing satsang. It's nice because the sun's out and Maharaj Ji has given us a beautiful day."
– "Slats"

It's just totally incredible. When I would leave my booth and walk around, I saw that the most important thing was not people buying and selling but just the sharing. For me, what happened was just people enjoying themselves and sharing this peace and this love. If I make it to Montreal that's all right. But if I don't, he's right here."
– Barbara Kitterman

"I've been having a wonderful time, having satsang, people selling the junk they used to be like so we can go further and further to Montreal, so that Maharaj Ji can make us more and more beautiful. All these things are nice but we see right through them. People come here to buy rummage and sell rummage but there's really a deeper meaning to it. I've been experiencing having a lot of satsang."
– Charlie Klein

"Well, when I first got here, I bought a yellow pyramid hat made by a premie for a dollar. I don't know if it's the hat, the sunlight, the profuse interesting artifacts of our culture, the lovely women, the Knowledge or everything combined. But I'm having a wonderful time. I'm sitting in a chair and I don't want to move. Maybe I'm pyramidized, but I love it. It's great."
– Chris Cummins

Spring Bazaar "I've been having a great time. I haven't really been keeping track of what I've been experiencing. Not too many people bought very much but everyone seems to like what's going on."
– Neil Ferry

"I just got here a few minutes ago and I think it's great. A lot of people from the store I work at came back from it and they were talking about premie this and premie that. But they came back and said that 'Oh it was really nice vibes.' I'm 'feeling the same thing."
– Robin Geiger

"It's obvious that what it's about is not the sale of items, but the sharing. Everyone comes to unload what they don't really need. Yet behind all that, there's this little desire of 'wouldn't I want to buy all these things?' too. You have to surrender at the same time that what it's about is sharing."
– Richard Scarborough

"Surrender. The more you surrender, the more grace comes in so fluidly. You don't have to do anything. Just surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji totally, and grace will happen. It mill, it must happen so naturally. I love it. I sold a lot of things and it was just pure grace. There's nothing else but Guru Maharaj Ji and I love him. And I love you."
– Eric Talboom