AIID:Volume 2, Number 9, June 1975


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The Inner Energy of Life

With Knowledge we turn within, to understand that we are part of life, to see that we are connected to an energy which is changeless, whose strength is infinite.

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Sir Thomas More

It has to be our true self to standup and say no, this is absolutely wrong, or this is absolutely right." – Guru Maharaj Ji

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Now You Are Ready Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

Understanding that Knowledge and understanding that most beautiful experience, when she took her first breath, it was just such an intense feeling. Because something was born, and it had no effect, it was just there. And then all of a sudden, the first cry, just, "Waaaah!" She screamed. And that was it. I mean, it was just such an intense experience. To the doctors, "Waaah" just means "Waaah." They go through it a thousand times a day. (Of course, we didn't have outside doctors. The people who were there were all premies.) But it's like, to me, I understood the meaning of that "Waaah!" That was just not a "Waaaah." It was more than that. It was something so beautiful. Something had just taken place which this whole world could have never found out, which this whole world is starving for, this whole world is striving for, this whole world is going out of its head to find out. That thing, that very thing, just took place. It wasn't the birth. The birth had taken place about a minute or so ago. It was this Knowledge, it was this experience, this most beautiful thing that just went "mmmpoooo," into the body, and it was all there. The hands were moving, she was crying, her legs were moving, and it was just an incredible, incredible experience.

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Come Closer Durga Ji's Satsang, Holi Celebration, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

It always comes down to a matter of trust. Always. All we can do is completely trust Guru Maharaj Ji. There is nothing, nothing else. There's nothing else to believe in, nothing else to trust in. But when we completely trust in Guru Maharaj Ji, then it's alright. I'll tell you, it's really scary not having Guru Maharaj Ji to trust in. When you think what is there besides Guru Maharaj Ji, and you really realize that there is nothing, then what is there? But, it isn't like all of a sudden you are going to just trust Guru Maharaj Ji completely. It's an every minute thing. We have to constantly keep trusting, keep moving on, and keep trusting more. He's always there to fulfill us.

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The Only Way To Go

Just enjoy what Maharaj Ji has given us in the festival. And that's all I really have to say, that it's beautiful being here. I guess I don't have anything more to say, because I don't want to take your time, because I think Maharaj Ji is going to give darshan - or at least we can request him. From our side, that's as much as we can do, request, and the rest is up to Maharaj Ji, anyway. Maybe he gives darshan and it's really beautiful. So all we have to really do is what he wants us to do - is satsang, service, and meditation. If we do these three things, we'll automatically experience his Grace. Once we experience the Grace, everything can be really beautiful. By "Grace", I mean that love he has shown us. We experience that love, which we can give to other people, too.

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The Mystery of Motion Marhsall Massey

Sixth in a series of excerpts from The Cell and the Soul

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Know And Remember Shri Hans Ji Maharaj on the eve of Baisaki, April 13, 1955, Prem Nagar, India

The saints and prophets also say that, surrendering all ego, one should serve the Lotus Feet of the Guru. Only the Word of the Guru can remove unhappiness; all other methods which a man adopts are useless. Only the company of saints can liberate a being from the world. "Do not be misled in the world because nobody can be liberated without the Guru." Do you devote as much love and devotion in serving the Guru as you do in acquiring worldly pleasures? When the whole of your time and money is spent on pleasures, how can you remember God? It is written in the scriptures that everything should be dedicated into the service of the Guru. Then only can one attain real benefit. But if one cannot devote everything into the service of the Guru, at least he must dedicate ten percent of his income. How can he who cannot even dedicate so much in service get any benefit?

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As A Child I Come Aquarian Gospel