Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazine

A tiny island surrounded by a vast sea might be afraid if it looked at the waves menacing its shore, if it listened to their roar, if it thought of the power and the chill of all that water, which any minute could engulf it.

But if that island should look within itself and realize that it is not just a tiny mile of land among thousands of miles of ocean; but rather that it is the peak of a huge underwater mountain, rising sturdily and majestically from the great solid mass of earth itself, and that the sea is nothing more than the earth's tinseled garment – then, if this island can feel its strength in this way, it will cease to fear.

Knowledge gives us the realization that we are not lonely, fearful islands about to be engulfed by suffering, sorrow, frenzy, and death. With Knowledge we turn within, to understand that we are part of life, to see that we are connected to an energy which is changeless, whose strength is infinite.

Through constant meditation on Knowledge we focus on this inner energy of life. Gradually it absorbs us and gradually we let go, until we know we are not what we were taught to be, until we know we are that energy.

Now we can no longer fear. Now we can no longer fret and be anxious. Now we can rest serene. And now ours is to play and to laugh with the ocean, and to reach from inside our selves to touch those other islands which still fancy themselves apart.