The Only Way To Go

Raja Ji's Satsang Holi Festival, Miami, Florida, March 29, 1975

Dear premies, sitting at Maharaj Ji's lotus feet, I don't really feel like saying much. I think it's an experi- ence we have to experience. That means I can't say it. I have to experi- ence for myself, and you have to experience for yourself. We don't need an operator between us. It's something between me and my Lord; it's something between you and your Lord.

So actually, I wouldn't like to take much of your time, because I know all of you want to have Maharaj Ji's darshan. Maybe we can request Ma- haraj Ji to give darshan or some- thing like that, because I think that moment of peace when we touch Maharaj Ji's feet is the most joyous moment for us.

I was in Italy and I spent quite a bit of time there. One of my friends from England came and, he was saying how he has all these things, and he's quite a busy businessman. He said, "You know, when I'm living in the world, I think about all the things in my mind - my business, my money, my cars, my this, my that," and everything like that.

By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, this man was in Toronto to attend Hans Jayanti. He said when he touched Maharaj Ji's feet, nothing was there; none of his money was there, none of his cars were there, none of his petrol was there. He was just completely mellowed out. His connection was between him and his Lord, between him and his Master, between him and his devotion, you know, a person to whom he has devoted all his life. The connection was there. I think that's the connection we have to all go for, to attain that level where we can always be really tuned into, always enjoy, the harmony, that real love Maharaj Ji has shown inside of us.

This world is actually not the easiest place to live in, you know. It's quite difficult living in the world. And I think a devotee is to a certain extent after receiving Knowledge, dreaming about this fantastic Divine City and when it's going to be built. You know how we hear about all these kinds of projects, whatever they might be. But the thing is, seeing the projects and going over the blueprints, a building is never created. We have to make it happen. Where there is a will there is a way. And if there is not a will, we can make a will to make a way. That's how we are here where we are right now, because we heard satsang in the beginning and said maybe we should take Knowledge, maybe we shouldn't, and then suddenly a will was there. We thought maybe we should really try it. And when you tried it, Maharaj Ji made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

But other than that, we have to have a will to really enjoy this beautiful life Maharaj Ji has given us, to really meditate on the Knowledge Maharaj Ji has given us. Everything other than that, well, let Maharaj Ji take care of it. Let him take care of your mind. Because I think it's the most difficult thing to take care of.

It's a very funny thing, you know. We always go through ups and downs, and it should always be up.


That moment of peace when we touch Maharaj Ji's feet is the most joyous moment for us.

up, up. But because we are humanli beings, we always have our down, too. Only one thing can eliminate our downs and that is that we have to really trust Maharaj Ji so much. You have to really get into his Knowledge so much that you say, "Maharaj Ji, take care of me." Then let him take care of us. Just let him envelop us with the love he has shown us.

Because you see, love is in us. It doesn't take from us; it doesn't give from us. It takes from itself and gives to itself. We are just a mediator of that love. And that love that Maha- raj Ji has shown us, if we can show it to the other people, that, "This is the thing you have been looking for all your life …" Because that's what the world needs. If you give them love, they'll be really happy. If you give them uptightness, they want love, you see, so they get upset. And all these crazy things start happening.

But if we can find a way, which Maharaj Ji's even shown us, just to reflect that love he has shown us to other people, that this is what Maharaj Ji has given us, I'm sure we can find a solution for the world. Because that's what everybody needs, you know. That's what everybody wants to find in this, in that, in trips. A man wants to reach a certain state, a certain place where he doesn't see all this. He wants love. Because he doesn't find love, because he finds uptightness everywhere, to eliminate that he takes something.

If we can give that person this love which Maharaj Ji has shown us, he'll automatically flow with us under that love. And that's the only way to go; that's the only solution. You know, Maharaj Ji is the only person in the world who has got the solution for the world. He has it, and you know he can do it alone, too. But he wants us to help him. I don't know the reason why, because none of us is any better than any other. But as bad as we are, he wants us to do it with him. And if he wants us to do it with him, we have to do it. It might be hell or heaven, but whatever it is, we have to do it, to whatever extent it means, to go with him all the way through it. And to enjoy the experience. Just really groove on. Like our translator travelling with us had the expression, you know, "Groove on."

Just enjoy what Maharaj Ji has given us in the festival. And that's all I really have to say, that it's beautiful being here. I guess I don't have anything more to say, because I don't want to take your time, because I think Maharaj Ji is going to give darshan - or at least we can request him. From our side, that's as much as we can do, request, and the rest is up to Maharaj Ji, anyway. Maybe he gives darshan and it's really beautiful.

So all we have to really do is what he wants us to do - is satsang, service, and meditation. If we do these three things, we'll automatically experience his Grace. Once we experience the Grace, everything can be really beautiful. By "Grace", I mean that love he has shown us. We experience that love, which we can give to other people, too.

I think that's it for myself. Thank you.


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