Dear Mr. Editor, I have no alternative than to write to you for your help.

I happened to come across a book with the title "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?" I became absorbed in the title and did not hesitate to cast a glance at the introduction. I became very interested and read the first and second chapters and got to know a little bit about this young boy from India and the wonders he promises to bring to this, our world. In fact, Mr. Editor, I will be very pleased to be one of his disciples. But where can I come in contact with this boy?

I decided to write to you to see if you can help me achieve my aim about Guru Maharaj Ji. In addition, I couldn't finish reading the book. so I'm pleading to you to help me get a copy. I'm ready to pay any cost it may involve.

Sir, I was traveling on a train when I happened to meet the man who was in possession of the book and I have tried my level best to get a copy from many bookstores in this country, but I cannot. I feel Guru Maharaj Ji is not so popular yet in Ghana and I want him to be popular in Ghana. Mr. Editor, please help me to achieve what I'm after.

May God bless you.
Yours faithfully,
Kwabena Owasu
Kumasi, Ghana

Dear Editor and Staff, Thank you for your hard work in making And It Is Divine possible. I anxiously await each new issue because they add a real boost, and it is my greatest joy to distribute And It Is Divine to my friends. Sometimes when I'm really down, just to look at the pictures in the magazine brings me up. From even a little spring flows enougt't life-giving water to quench many thirsting souls.

Sincerely, gratefully,
Ralph Dyrud
Missoula, Montana

Dear Sir, Please cancel my subscription to And It Is Divine. I feel this magazine can benefit many people, but I don't feel I am one of them. You see, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and He is my strength. With my Lord, God and the Holy Spirit, I have the best 3-person team anywhere. Just unbeatable.

I wish you success in bringing peace to all. I, too, believe love is the answer.

Laurie Fleming
Lakeside, California

Dear Brothers and Sisters, How can I possibly express the grati- tude I experience when I unfold your magazine and see the devo- tion and love brought through you to us in the wilderness. Often times I await the UPS man for hours when I know our hope and care package is on the way. So what can I say except thank you, thank you so very much for doing your service well with love. And to say that the latest was the best is unnecessary. Of course, at this point I've lost all literary objectivity as I melt into your manifest devotion; so what's real in the first place? I love you all!

Lemual Lasher
Erie, Pennsylvania

Dear Friends, Yes, I'm in the process of reading all your magazines cover to cover (AIID). I'm sending you another $10. Please use it wisely because your magazine is really helping me through some rough spots.

I notice that you didn't say too much technically about Knowledge in the earlier issues of your magazine. When I hear technical things about Knowledge my first reaction is to be scared half to death, but when I read Guru Ma- haraj Ji's lectures and realize that he's not kidding then I know our paths will somehow meet. All the songs I have written seem to be about this Knowledge even before I ever heard of it.

See you all someday and remember, peace is within inside of you.

Love, Consciousness and
Bliss from Dan Fernelius
Ames, Iowa

My dear sisters and brothers, I write this letter feeling lonely, yet very loved.

A close friend once turned me on to Guru Maharaj Ji. Since then my life has not been the same.

I subscribe to And It Is Divine. It seems that this is what reminds me of me. I feel moved whenever I read it. This has always happened. As time goes on I can sometimes feel my insides crying. (Strangely enough, the magazine usually arrives simultaneously.)

I am reaching out to you now. I need your satsang. I want Knowledge. I feel incomplete, awaiting this key to open me up. I would like very much to hear from you.

God bliss you,
Woodbourne, N.Y.

Dear Sir, Your magazine And It Is Divine is the most beautiful and the most inspiring I have ever read. My brother-in-law, who is a premie, lent us a copy of your magazine and my husband and I just loved it. We haven't the Knowledge yet, but as we are true seekers we will eventually take it. In the meantime, please let us have more beautiful satsang by sending us by air-mail the issues that we have missed and all issues to come. Just let us know how much and we'll send money right away.

Danielle Kearney
Waverley, Australia

Dear Editor, It is so lovely receiving And It Is Divine and I am so grateful to share the Grace within the pages of this blissful magazine. Thank you so much,

R.J. Spry
Cape Province,
South Africa