If all premies can get into the love and come to a point in their mind where they will do whatever Maharaj Ji wants them to do, everything can be really far out. Once we have Knowledge, it shouldn't be difficult, because we are all premies, we are all bound by the same love of Maharaj Ji. So we can really do it. And if we come to the point where we do whatever Maharaj Ji wants us to do, then if he says, "Jump in the well," we'll jump in it without saying, "Maharaj Ji, this is a well. I don't know how to swim." Maharaj Ji really wants us to surrender completely.

And what surrender completely means is completely. If you really are one with your Guru, you'll have trust in him. You'll have such trust in Guru Maharaj Ji that you'll say, "Even if I die, I have so much oneness with him that I will still live in him." You can come to a point that your ego and his ego become one. Then there's only Maharaj Ji. Your mind and his mind become one; it's only one mind, not two. Like for Romeo and Juliet. All these people say, "They are two bodies, but one soul." The same goes for all of us. There are thousands and millions of bodies, but only one main soul. And, you know, it's in every one of us. That's the point we have to really come to.

You know, we can never really put the Perfect Master into a block, like, "Okay, Maharaj Ji is this, this, this, and this." Concepts are something that come from our mind. And Maharaj Ji, like we always say, is beyond concepts. If you put him in concepts, you put him in a small box which you can see. But Maharaj Ji is beyond that. So never try to conceptualize anything.

Maharaj Ji says, "Give me your worries." Give your mind to him so that you can't conceptualize. It's like, in a human being, everything is so com- puterized. If I go to buy a car, I want to know what kind of car it is, how fast it can go, what it can do, etc. A human being is compartmentalized in the same way: you can only write, or you can do this, or this. It's almost like everybody wants to concep- tualize everything. "Okay, Maharaj Ji. What is Knowledge?" They want him to say, "It is this; this technique is this; this technique is this; this tech- nique is this; this is this." They want everything to be calculated. And you can never really calculate anything. That's why Maharaj Ji says, "You have to do this meditation, service and satsang without expecting any results." Just do it, but don't expect anything from it, and you will really enjoy the best from it. Because your mind is not there expecting something. It's not like you put in an input and you are just waiting for an output, how much it comes to, so you can grab it and pay your bills.

If you just do service, it can really be so beautiful. Because, in a way, you are not expecting anything from it. Whatever comes, you are happy, you are satisfied with it. But if you expect something, if you invest a hundred thousand, and you get only fifty thousand back, you will be upset, because you ex- pected a hundred thousand back again, or maybe a hundred and twenty thousand back again. So you are not satisfied, because you wanted this money. But if you don't have any concepts about it, you couldn't care less how much comes back. You are happy with whatever you have. You know that's the way it was supposed to be.

Just about everything has a purpose, why things happen. All we can really do is leave those things to Maharaj Ji, and give him our worries, give him our mind and really meditate on the beautiful Know- ledge he has given us; let the love that he has given us generate in us, and really spread the Know- ledge all over the world.

All the devotees, you people, if you make the ef- fort to really spread this Knowledge, it can be really beautiful. Because everybody has a really good purpose. But if people say, "Okay, let everybody do whatever they are doing and tomorrow when everything gets a bit better, then I'll start propagating," or, "When the Mission gets a bit more together. I'll come and help them," it never works. It's just a small escape. We have to just get it together and really propagate this Knowledge.

There is a saying in English, "You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." If you make him drink, it can be really bad for the horse. So we are like horses. Do whatever you feel like. And if you really want to propagate Knowledge, it can really be the most beautiful ex- perience you can ever have. Because you really want to do it. If there is not a will to do it, make a will. Because one of the wills you have to make is to propagate this Knowledge and really meditate a lot. Okay?