Volume 2, Issue 2, July 1974, And It Is Divine Magazine

"And It Is Divine" was the name of this colour magazine published by Divine Light Mission in the USA from November 1972 until the late 1970's when it was replaced by "Elan Vital." It began as a monthly magazine attempting to carry a wide spectrum of articles relating to the wider alternative culture with highbrow pretensions and ended the same as all other Divine Light Mission magazines printing pictures and speeches of Prem Rawat's or his immediate family or close followers. Before 1974 every copy carried a signed manifesto by Sant Ji Maharaj stating "There has never been a time when the Lord of Creation did not manifest Himself in human form, and come to this planet Earth to do away with evil and spread the True Knowledge.

And It Is Divine magazine
And It Is Divine magazine


By the grace of Almighty Lord, we bring you the magazine And It Is Divine. You will find this magazine very different from others, because it shows not only the suffering of the world, but also a way out for all humanity. There has never been a time when the Lord of Creation did not manifest Himself in human form, and come to this planet Earth to do away with evil and spread the True Knowledge.


Editorial - Guru Maharaj Ji

And that is why it's said, "The kingdom of heaven which we want to go to is on this earth." We have to just enter it. And it's by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, by meditating on this Knowledge, that the kingdom of heaven, which everybody looks to, is possible.

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My Holy Abode Shri Maharaj Ji in Delhi on August 7, 1952.

St. Kabir says that whatever is done without the guidance of Guru, goes astray. Many people believe today that Lord Rama or Lord Krishna, or a flag, or the Gita. or the Ramayana, etc… should be taken as Guru, but nobody bothers to think over what has been written in the scriptures. Guru Nanak writes, in the Granth Saheb that nobody should be mistaken, because one cannot get liberation without a Guru. One who was misguided can discard hypocracy upon getting the guidance of a Guru, and attain devotion to God. Guru is he who can transform a man into a god in no time, and can show an inner light which is more brilliant than the light of a hundred suns put together. The darkness of night cannot fade away without the rising of the sun. Similarly, until we find the Satguru, the darkness of our hearts cannot vanish.

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The Cell and the Soul Marshall Massey
The Universe, you will recall, began as solid light … Most of that light became transformed into particles …

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The Whole Game - Shri Raja Ji in Los Angeles, March 17 1974

We should start doing meditation, start remembering the Holy Name, and just try to be that much happier, feel so much of Guru Maharaj Ji within ourselves, that we are always as happy as when he is here. Then when Maharaj Ji comes, we are even more happy.

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Spiritual Marriage - Mata Ji, Denver Colorado, February 14 1974
After receiving Knowledge, do meditation. Continuously keep your mind with the Holy Name. Listen to satsang; be always with holy company; do service. Because if you do not practice meditation, do satsang and service, then Knowledge cannot help you. … So grace comes from your own effort, from your own soul. After receiving Knowledge, you must practice meditation and do satsang and service.

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Holi Charles Cameron
Fakir and Mahatma Gyan Bairaganand are performing an Indian dance, while Mata Ji and Maharaj Ji color them all colors of the rainbow. Mata Ji's face is alight with a smile of purest joy. I am speechless. How can we possibly understand the love that she and Maharaj Ji are drowning us in this day? All that I know is that this is the first time Holi Festival has been held in the West.

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Concept Bomb Denver, Colorado, on May 12, 1974.

As a matter of fact, even today it's not a very surprising thing that premies are not realizing this Knowledge. Because still your minds are wandering about. But we have to put our total effort at one point. Only then is it possible. … if you are really meditating, as soon as the bomb explodes, the Knowledge goes in and goes "wwwhhck!" And all that space that was there for mind, it grabs it. The mind is out of business. And that's the way this Knowledge works.

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The Legend of Prahlad

The other devotees of the Lord, many of whom were Prahlad's schoolfellows, celebrated Prahlad's devotion by showering each other with colored paint. This celebration which those school boys began has turned into the Holi festival of today. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna both celebrated Holi with their disciples, and, nowadays in India, everyone celebrates Holi.


Perfect Shri Hans Ji Maharaj

In regard to the teacher, he must know the spirit of the scriptures. … The second condition of acquiring spiritual truth and imparting it to others, is the purity of heart and soul. … The third condition is in regard to the motive. His work must be simply out of pure love for mankind.


Kahlil Gibran on Marriage
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.


There Is A Knowledge Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge teaches us how to meditate on the source of peace and love inside us. … When the inner beauty of the soul is experienced we feel a deep sense of peace and bliss, as if finally we had come home to that Essence from which we were born.

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