Spiritual Marriage

Mata Ji's Satsang, St Valentine's Day, February 14 1974, Denver Colorado

After receiving Knowledge, do meditation. Continuously keep your mind with the Holy Name. Listen to satsang; be always with holy company; do service. Because if you do not practice meditation, do satsang and service, then Knowledge cannot help you. If someone gives you food and you do not eat it, it cannot satisfy your hunger. So grace comes from your own effort, from your own soul. After receiving Knowledge, you must practice meditation and do satsang and service.

Many people want to lead a very pure and spiritual householder life, and it's a very good idea. We have no objection if you lead such a beautiful life. But, suddenly someone dies, and you become so miserable. At that time, you cannot control your mind. Then you run after others. And that is not a spiritual life. If you devote your life to any man or woman, then throughout your life remain in meditation and be a nice wife or husband. That is how to lead a pure and spiritual householder life.

It is not good that today you get married, and tomorrow divorced. That is not a spiritual marriage, that's not a good householder life. This brings miseries and sufferings onto your family, and this ruins the life of the children. But why do people do this? Because their minds are not with the Holy Name. They are not connected with the spirit; they are running after the worldly pleasures. When someone doesn't follow or obey or do whatever they say, they get freaked out, they become confused; they get angry, and that anger inspires them to divorce. And that's not a good way of life.

So, if you want to get married, we have no objections. But lead a very noble life, an ideal householder life. That can be done when your mind is with the Holy Name of the Lord, and your body is engaged in service of the Lord. Then, only then, can you control this desire; then, only then, can you control this mind. Otherwise,today you are happy, tomorrow you will be unhappy.

Women who do not understand the aim of their life, they give birth to children who become, evildoers. It is not just that one gives birth to a child and then duty is finished, no. A great mother is one who makes her children great and enlightened. Such mothers are respected and praised by the people of the world.

The life of a woman is like a lamp. A lamp burns itself and gives light to everyone. They have so many troubles and difficulties, but always give light to others. In the same way, a mother suffers a lot for the sake of her children. Her whole life is devoted to her husband and children and the family. She bears all the difficulties, faces all the troubles, and thus she becomes great. She spreads light throughout the family, the society, and brings the world into light by her own greatness, by her own spiritual upliftment.

So this means that great parents are those who give good education and teachings and instructions to their children. And they sacrifice themselves for the enlightenment of their children, for the upliftment of their children. Such parents are called ideal parents. They really do not care about their own comforts, own pleasures, but they try to maintain peace, love, and harmony among themselves so that their children can grow in a good environment.

But such type of families are very rare in the world. You know about your own family. If your parents had given you such beautiful instructions, teachings, love, knowledge, understanding, and kept a peaceful and good environment in your family, you would not have become like that.

So do meditation and practice this Knowledge. And parents are those who really take care of their children. Saint Tulsidas says that, "If your mother thinks that she is mother, then she must try to make her children the devotees of the Lord. And if she can't do that, then she should try to make them charitable people, so that they can do something good to others. Or she should make them brave, so that they can protect others. And if she can't do anything for her children amongst these three instructions, if she cannot do that, then it is good for her to remain barren instead of giving birth to wicked children who will become a burden on this earth."

And so, Guru Maharaj Ji has given you Knowledge; now practice. Meditate upon it. Because without meditation, you cannot conquer your mind, you cannot develop this Knowledge, you cannot experience the Lord within yourself. Saint Tulsidas says that, "I have found my Lord within myself, though I was wandering here and there in search of truth, in search of my Lord. But by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace, when I received the Knowledge, I realized my Lord within my heart, I found my beloved in myself."


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