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Why not begin at the beginning? The current most widely accepted theory describing the origins of the universe is that of the Primeval Atom: All energy was at first gathered in an undifferentiated state into this Atom, or Cosmic Egg. Then it hatched, and from it emerged the growing universe.

As the primordial energy was released, perhaps in the manner of a cosmic explosion, it began to crystallize as it receded; first into clouds of subatomic particles; then condensing into galactic eddies, atomic systems, solar clusters, planetary systems and the heavier elements; and last of all into organic structures and living things. Out of the formless primordial energy, often called the Void or Chaos, came energy states which conform to the rules of space-time. We experience them as the visible universe of form, where energy is locked into matter.

Let us look at this more closely. For instance, 'Primeval Atom': what does this mean? Literally, it means 'in the first state' and 'that which cannot be split' (a-tom). In other words, the Primeval Atom is the common denominator of all other energy states. According to Newton's law, moreover, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but simply oscillates between manifesting itself in form, and quietly remaining latent and formless. The Primeval Atom is eternal.

Now, we may go even a step further. We know now that subatomic particles are moving around at velocities even faster than light! We know, because it took a whole process and tons of equipment to slow them down enough just so that they would begin to manifest within the space-time spectrum of energy, and be recorded upon space-time equipment in the first place! These energy states, called quarks, are very strange to us because they are not existing in space-time and are therefore not obeying the natural laws of the material universe which Newton deduced.

So, let's try to understand this one. The more simple energy is, the freer it is to move; and the freer it is to move, the faster it travels. Now, if we progress this idea to its logical conclusion as well, an infinitely subtle state of energy is infinitely free to move at an infinite velocity! In other words, it is everywhere at once! It is infinite. And it is eternal.

"Some people think," astronaut Ed Mitchell told And It Is Divine last year, "that the hydrogen atom is the building block of the universe. But really, it is something else. It is Consciousness." Therein was made the connection between science and religion. The scientist could deduce a state of primordial energy existence in cold theory which the simple church-goer wants to experience as the Holy Spirit in practice, in living.

If God is not an old man sitting on a cloud with a long white beard, then could He really be Pure Energy, Pure Consciousness, the infinite and eternal, the Primordial Atom Who created the universe from out of Himself and Who will take it all back into His bosom some day?

In the Christian scriptures we read: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." And the Word was One which could not be spoken by carnal lips. Yet It was a vibration which could be breathed into a body of dust, of the elements, and with that Breath came Life, Consciousness. Could it be that all life is potentially that same infinite, eternal Energy, Pure Consciousness? Could that level of awareness be our true destiny?


A person may spend his life searching the whole world over for something which will give him peace. Yet he will die in despair if he fails to understand that the source of peace and truth is to be found right inside himself. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge teaches us how to meditate on the source of peace and love inside us. It is not the sort of knowledge we can find in libraries, for it is a direct experience of something within us, not a theory. When the inner beauty of the soul is experienced we feel a deep sense of peace and bliss, as if finally we had come home to that Essence from which we were born. This meditation is shown to people by close disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji known as mahatmas. It is revealed free of charge to those who come with an open heart. For further information, call your local Divine Light Mission chapter, or write:

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