The Concept Bomb

Guru Maharaj Ji in Denver, Colorado, on May 12, 1974.

Definitely if you want to realize this Knowledge in the quickest possible way, you will have to concentrate all of your attention and put it at one point.

This is the reason why for thousands and thousands of years human beings have not been able to realize this Knowledge. Instead of putting all their attention to one point so that all their concentration, all their energy flows to one point, and that is of realizing this Knowledge, they have been completely taking their minds and wandering from one point to another point.

As a matter of fact, even today it's not a very surprising thing that premies are not realizing this Knowledge. Because still your minds are wandering about. But we have to put our total effort at one point. Only then is it possible.

You see, there are four tires in one car. And if one starts going east, and one starts going west, and one starts going south, and one starts going north, the tires will be going, the body will be there, but you will go nowhere at all. I mean, the wheels will be moving, they'll be going from one point to another point, one will be going from that point to the south, one will be going from that point to the north, but you won't be moving. And the purpose is to make you move! Otherwise what is the purpose of the car?

If you buy a $30,000 car, and you sit in it, and you start it, and as soon as you put the gears on, all these wheels go flyin' off, it'll take you nowhere! But when all those four wheels are put together at one point, and driven toward one point at the same speed. Well, you can go almost anywhere you like.

If you want to stay in this world, be like a lotus flower who stays in the dirty water, who was born in the dirty water, but never gets adopted to dirty water. You can live in the world of concepts, but live in such a way so that they don't affect you. There can be a million, trillion infinite concepts going on, and they shouldn't bother you. And I'll tell you something, that's a most beautiful way to be.

It's like almost going right through the water, going right through the rocks, going right through the mountains, going right through everything, without even being touched. And that's so fantastic, because you can almost walk through a wall without even being touched. There can be everything right there, but don't be attached to it.

And what is the way that we should detach ourselves? That way is this Knowledge. Because, see, I'll tell you how it works. Supposedly this is our mind, okay? And mind has a lot of wires for concepts. And there is a main wire that's coming down which is feeding all these concepts, which is our brain. And it's workin' 24 hours like hell.

What happens is, Guru Maharaj Ji


comes and he pours down that Grace and Knowledge with it, that Grace is satsang. And when that satsang hits that mind machine, the very first thing it does is disconnect it. It's like that solution you pour into a radiator which will plug a hole but won't clog your radiator. It's like that type of fluid. He pours it down, and immediately, it disconnects all the wires of the mind. That's when the mind starts freaking out, just really freaking out.

Then what it does, is - it's really beautiful - it says. "Man, this man is not going to understand this Knowledge, so I must do something more strong." So it makes a big huge concept, big huge idea, a big huge confusion, and it takes a long time. In that time, it never troubles you. You are sitting cool and calm and you say, "Wow, Guru Maharaj Ji, everything is so fantastic."

But you don't know what's going to happen next. And that concept grows and grows and grows. And see, Knowledge is even more beautiful - even, even more beautiful. Because it's growing, but the Knowledge is also growing with it. And at one point, that bomb of concepts explodes. And man, when it explodes, that's it. I mean, I have seen people getting so freaked out, they say, "Man, I have been meditating on this Knowledge, Guru Maharaj Ji, I have been meditating on this Knowledge!" It's almost like a whole game of exorcist.

As soon as that bomb explodes, that bomb has a quality in it that wherever it hits, it'll try to make connections back again. See, that's the purpose. But what Knowledge does, if you are still meditating on it, if you are really meditating, as soon as the bomb explodes, the Knowledge goes in and goes "wwwhhck!" And all that space that was there for mind, it grabs it. The mind is out of business. And that's the way this Knowledge works.

So premies, what we have to understand is that what we have to fight today is mind. Once we eliminate that mind, that problem, that'll be for once and all. And, it's like, a little service, very, very little service, that probably a little kid could do, even counts towards the victory over mind, to the defeat of the mind. Even that little service.

I'll tell you one thing: when a war breaks out, before the war, if a child takes a brick, or a child takes a glass of water from one place to the other place, it doesn't really matter. When the war breaks out, and everybody is being shot, and people are getting wounded, and people are thirsty, that same child living in the same town can bring that glass of water again, and it'll be very. very precious. Even that one glass of water will count to the victory of that country. That single little thing will count towards victory. Thank you very much.