This satsang was given by Shri Raja Ji in Los Angeles, March 17, 1974

I had a telephone conversation from Denver, and I heard that Maharaj Ji was there and all the premies there were really blissed out. They're very, very happy.

And the same thing happened here a few days ago when Maharaj Ji was here. So that's the thing that's really important, that sometimes when Maharaj Ji is here we get very high and then again start feeling low. But we shouldn't do that. We should start doing meditation, start remembering the Holy Name, and just try to be that much happier, feel so much of Guru Maharaj Ji within ourselves, that we are always as happy as when he is here. Then when Maharaj Ji comes, we are even more happy. That way our graph, if you sketch it, shows that we are always going up and up, never coming down.

We can do that only by Maharaj Ji's Grace. This human body is really full of lots of Graces, but one has to experience those, one has to find those, one has to look within himself for those. Things don't happen automatically. You have to make them happen.

And one of the things we have to make happen is to make ourselves meditate. It's upon us, you know, how much we meditate. The more I meditate, the more benefit I get from it; and the more I like it, the more I am going to go do it. It's a very individual thing. It's not like a mass kind of thing, where I come here and I bless you all and you are then blessed. No. It's how much a person, how much every individual, how much each one of you meditates. It's upon that.

A man who has got Knowledge and who never meditates is sitting here, Guru Maharaj Ji comes here, and that man just smiles because everybody is smiling. You ask him why he's smiling, but he doesn't know; he isn't experiencing enough to say why he is laughing, why he is crying. Because everybody is crying, he is crying. Because everybody is laughing, he is laughing. Because everybody is clapping, he is clapping. Because everybody says, "Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai," he is saying, "Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai," not understanding what's happening.

So we shouldn't do that: we should realize ourselves everything, and then do it. Because we have realized what is Guru Maharaj Ji, that's why we all have devotion for him. And so we have to realize. And once he has given this Knowledge, once we have realized what he is, now we have to meditate upon it. That's really important.

People don't try to meditate nowadays because they have their problems. But you know, if they can get their minds out of things, and just meditate for whatever time they can find, it is really good. If you have got the Knowledge, it's like a small plant, a very small plant. It needs satsang and everything, and if you take good care of it, it grows big. And then we can eat its fruits. But if you don't take care of it, it's really impossible.

How much we meditate, that much we experience things. There's a person who doesn't experience Guru Maharaj Ji at all, there's a person who experiences Guru Maharaj Ji a lot. It's different from person to person. There are people in India who experience Guru Maharaj Ji more than anyone in America, and probably somebody in America has experienced more than many Indians. It depends on how much a person meditates. And how much love he has for Guru Maharaj Ji.

Every man has to achieve becoming one with the Lord. And not his physical body, but experiencing Him internally is more important. See, if you believe that every individual should have an aim to be one with Maharaj Ji, and if he is able to achieve that, that's really the big thing. Because, if every individual tries that, then every individual will be one with Maharaj Ji. And because every individual will be one with Maharaj Ji, that means they are already one with each other. So because they are all one with him, there is no need for everybody to unite. Because they are already united.

If you get one with Guru Maharaj Ji, you automatically get one with everyone. Not with everyone - only with those who have already become one with Guru Maharaj Ji. If I am one with Guru Maharaj Ji, if you become one with him, then you will become one with me. You know, it's like a very good game. You have to become one with Maharaj Ji, and then you automatically become one with every person who is one with Maharaj Ji. And that's the whole game.


Raja Ji Rawat