And It Is Divine, Volume I, Issue 11, October 1973

'And It Is Divine' was the name of this colour magazine published by Divine Light Mission in the USA from November 1972 until the late 1970's when it was replaced by 'Elan Vital'. It began as a monthly magazine attempting to carry a wide spectrum of articles relating to the wider alternative culture with highbrow pretensions and ended the same as all other Divine Light Mission magazines printing pictures and speeches of Prem Rawat's or his immediate family or close followers. Before 1974 every copy carried a signed manifesto by Sant Ji Maharaj stating "There has never been a time when the Lord of Creation did not manifest Himself in human form, and come to this planet Earth to do away with evil and spread the True Knowledge.

And It Is Divine magazine25
A Prism Unfolds the Light Bal Bhagwan Ji, Montrose, Colorado, July 27, 1972
So this breath is empirical, it is our essence. What is this breath? What is the vital energy that is making us breathe in and out? We can only experience, we can only perceive, we can only know this energy when we are living, not when we are dead. So please do not have ideas that after going to the grave we will receive this energy. No. This is the right time. This is an opportunity that Guru Maharaj Ji is providing you. This breath is a factor that is deciding our life or our death, and it is not in me only, it is in every human being. Whether you are a Christian, whether you are a Hindu, whether you are a Muslim, Jain, Parsee, anybody; breath is in you.
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It's audacious for a fifteen year old boy to hire the world's largest indoor stadium, announce the formation of an organization that will feed and house all humanity, declare that he will establish peace on a global basis, and reveal to everyone who asks, a deeply satisfying experience of the infinite source of peace within them. Yet the contract has been signed, and in the Houston Astrodome this November, fifteen year old Guru Maharaj Ji will do just that.
And It Is Divine magazine42

A Sacrifice Is Needed

Guru Maharaj Ji has given us a very simple Knowledge, a very nice thing, very good, very far out, very superb. And what we have to do, you know, is to meditate very hard to light up other brothers and sisters who are in the world. We should meditate all the time and be ready for sacrifice. We must sacrifice, this is a very important factor. We don't know how Guru Maharaj Ji may test us at any time, but we have to be ready for sacrifice.

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Even many people who turn to spirituality do not find the love and peace that they are seeking. That is because they have forgotten what is true spirit. They try to show outwardly that they are holy men by renunciation and by rituals. But they haven't controlled their minds at all. It is said that whoever has controlled and conquered the mind, he is the strongest person. So many are trying, but they have forgotten reality, and so their efforts cannot succeed. If by the time of death, you have not controlled your mind, then you have gained nothing. When we came from our mother's womb, we were all empty-handed. When we leave this body and go, we will have nothing to take with us. But great is the person who has controlled the mind. Such a person is the devotee of the Perfect Master.
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They didn't come to see the world, because really there is nothing in this world to see. Really, there is nothing. You know, people think there is a lot, but there is nothing. You think there is a beauty–remember friends, that beauty was mud. You don't love mud, do you? Do you love mud? You don't–if someone throws mud on you, you will go running to a police station and file against him or try to box him. No, you don't like mud. But all that you see is made out of that. See? And not realizing that thing which is making it survive, you just blindly love it, and love it, and love it. And that's why the real perfect love, I think, has disappeared from the world.

There Is A Knowledge

He gives you an experience of the energy that keeps you alive.

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