A Sacrifice Is Needed

Shri Raja Ji, 17, Guru Maharaj Ji's next oldest brother, gave this satsang in Phipps Auditorium in Denver, Colorado, just after Guru Maharaj Ji finished speaking. The program, attended by 1500 people, took place on June 23, 1973.

Dear Premies,

Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazine What you heard just now you can't describe at all. It was, I think, so very nice of Guru Maharaj Ji because he doesn't have so much time to give us, and what it means for us we can't see.

Right now the picture I'm having is a very, very dark world, everything dark. And in the beginning there was only one light. Maharaj Ji came, one very, very bright candle burning, then five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, quite a lot, lot, lot; but none so bright as him.

We are all sitting here, quite a lot of us brothers and sisters, listening to Maharaj Ji speak. What our Lord Guru Maharaj Ji, wants us to do, you know, is to make the whole world like that, make everyone a light, light the whole world. That's all he wants us to do. Because he's the main thing – he doesn't say that, but he is.

So there's a main light and all we have to do, you know, all we have to do is to light up. We have lighted ourselves and he is inside us, he is inside you, he is inside me, and he is inside everybody. And actually for this time everybody has to play a certain part. What is our part to be played? We have been lighted up and by his grace we have to light up our brothers and sisters who are in the same position as we were once upon a time; we were like them but we are not now. So what we have to do is light them up. And how we can light them is everyone's own speciality.

Guru Maharaj Ji is a teacher, a perfect teacher. Now when you go to a school a teacher teaches you. There are only two ways of teaching a student. Either a teacher comes to the level of the student to make him understand everything, or a student goes to the level of the teacher which is very, very impossible. Because if a teacher is teaching a small child who is five or six years old, that five or six years can't reach the teacher. So the teacher comes to the student and teaches him.

Guru Maharaj Ji does the same thing with us; that is his grace. He's at top level, and there are thousands of us, and he comes to the level of everyone of us to make us understand what Knowledge is; he gives us the Knowledge. What we have to do is meditate on the Knowledge which he has given us, meditate on it, because meditation is the very important point of it.

Guru Maharaj Ji has given us a very simple Knowledge, a very nice thing, very good, very far out, very superb. And what we have to do, you know, is to meditate very hard to light up other brothers and sisters who are in the world. We should meditate all the time and be ready for sacrifice. We must sacrifice, this is a very important factor. We don't know how Guru Maharaj Ji may test us at any time, but we have to be ready for sacrifice.

I'll tell you a little story. Guru Teg Bahadur Singh Ji was a Sikh leader, Guru Maharaj Ji of his time, and he had many devotees. This was the time when the Muslim kings were trying to change their religion, Sikhism. Many people, many devotees came to Guru Maharaj Ji to tell him, "Guru Maharaj Ji, save us, you have tor So Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's son, said, "Guru Maharaj Ji, a big

Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazine42

sacrifice is needed." That's all Guru Maharaj Ji's son said. A big sacrifice is needed. Five words – that was enough. So Guru Maharaj Ji himself went to Agra where there was a Muslim king.

In Agra Guru Maharaj Ji gave his ring to one of his devotees and told him to take the ring, give it to the jeweler, who was also a devotee, take the money and bring some food. Now Guru Maharaj Ji's ring was quite an extraordinary ring: if one wore it one felt a bit high. So when that devotee who was the jeweler saw that ring, he knew Guru Maharaj Ji was there, and he went to the king to tell him that Guru Maharaj Ji had come.

Guru Maharaj Ji was arrested and taken to Delhi in a very small cage in which he could hardly stand up. There he was asked by the king to show a miracle. Guru Maharaj Ji said, "Oh, miracles are shown by magicians." That's all he said and his head was chopped off, as well as his devotee's.

See, one devotee betrayed his Lord, another devotee died with him, and a third devotee carried Guru Maharaj Ji's body and head from that place to Guru Maharaj Ji's Holy Mother. So that is the difference between devotees. Which one, which category are we to be? We have to decide ourselves.

We all have to be ready for sacrifice, you know, because sacrifice is real nice right now. When there will be peace in the world, then they come to Guru Maharaj Ji with a nice, "Guru Maharaj Ji, I am ready to give any sacrifice." Well, take your sacrifice, keep it in your pocket. We don't need a sacrifice right then when there is peace in the world. We need your sacrifice right now because now is the time to give sacrifice. Devote your lives to Guru Maharaj Ji and spread the Knowledge which he has given you, which has done so many things for you and which will do so many things for other people.

How many are we in America? A bunch of us, only a group of us. So what we have to do, you know, is sacrifice our lives for Guru Maharaj Ji, and spread his Knowledge because it's so fantastic; spread it to every place possible in the world.