Fire Cannot Burn It
Mata Ji, mother of Guru Maharaj Ji, gave this discourse at the Native American Center, Denver, Colorado, on June 22, 1973.

Everybody has a soul which is eternal. It never dies, it is always living there. That is why Lord Krishna told Arjuna, "0 Arjuna, this soul is eternal; it is immortal. No one can cut it. Fire cannot burn it. Water cannot wet it. Air cannot blow it away. This soul is eternal."

You must know this now. Just as God has always told His children that each one must know his soul, so Guru Maharaj Ji is saying the same thing. So we must, we must know it.

You are so lucky because when your soul cries for Truth, Truth comes to your very door. One saint used to sing a beautiful melody which I will now sing for you:

This human body is beyond any price.
Don't squander your life in the dust of the world.
Don't throw yourself away for a worthless purpose.

Now you have a human body.
You may never, never, never
get this chance again.

Sing the glory of the Lord, O people.
Gather together and praise Him.
In the early morning when you wake
sit in meditation upon His Name.
And meditate upon His Knowledge
before falling off to sleep.

Now you have a human body.
You may never, never, never
get this chance again.

The Living Lord is the crown of your soul.
He is everything, He contains all Knowledge.
So meditate upon Him,
every morning and evening of your life.

Do you want to hear a story? Once a man was riding eastward upon a. camel. Suddenly he lost hold of his reins. Seeing that his master could not control him, the camel decided to set his own course and he immediately turned and headed off to the north. The man's friends saw this and shouted out, "Where are you going? That is not the way!" The man cried back, "I have lost my grip. Wherever the camel is going, I have to go there too."

This is the human condition. Our minds are like this camel. We have lost the reins, the camel is out of control. We are the servant of the camel, of our mind. Wherever the mind would take us, we must go.

But if we can get hold of that rein, then again we can be the master of our life. And realize that the rein is spiritual Knowledge, Knowledge of God. That is the rein of the mind. With Knowledge the mind comes under control. Humanity is suffering because of its own negligence, laziness and mistakes. People have neglected to control their minds. Human beings are trying to run at top speed. Their minds are producing so many discoveries, so many inventions. But where do they reach? As far as he can fly, man flies, but every time he comes back down to the ground. It is just like a bird which is sitting on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The bird will fly very far and very high, but it knows that it will soon return to the top of the ship. Again it goes, soaring high, and again it lands – it has no other place to go.

People who have lived to be very, very old tell us that there was a time when people were happier, people used to love each other. But human beings have lost the true source of joy and happiness. They are living like a building without a foundation. Human beings have gone away, far, far away from the central place within themselves that is the very principle of life. It is that principle, that essence of life that we love.

Man is trying to get peace through material prosperity, but materialism will never, never give peace. There must be a balance between spirituality and materialism. Then human peace can come. But, unfortunately, human beings have forgotten the spiritual. They try to get joy and contentment in material things, but they cannot do it, and ultimately they fail. One day I asked, "If you hate the materialism, then why do you stick to it?" People have forgotten their aim in life.

Even many people who turn to spirituality do not find the love and peace that they are seeking. That is because they have forgotten what is true spirit. They try to show outwardly that they are holy men by renunciation and by rituals. But they haven't controlled their minds at all. It is said that whoever has controlled and conquered the mind, he is the strongest person. So many are trying, but they have forgotten reality, and so their efforts cannot succeed. If by the time of death, you have not controlled your mind, then you have gained nothing. When we came from our mother's womb, we were all empty-handed. When we leave this body and go, we will have nothing to take with us. But great is the person who has controlled the mind. Such a person is the devotee of the Perfect Master.

Only those people who have been shown the real personality of God have peace. The devotee knows that peace is not outside, it is within. Peace is within you. You have to find the Perfect Master who knows the soul, who will make you realize the Truth within you. A saint has said, "I was looking for something great, but I never found it until Satguru came to my life and revealed the Truth within. It is all within, I can understand that. Peace is within my own heart. Before I knew that, I was just roaming about looking and searching. Without my Satguru, without my perfect guide, my search was fruitless. But when I realized that all is contained within my own soul, when I was shown Truth, I stopped my searching. Now I don't have to go anywhere else."

So this is the end. Blessings to all the premies.


Prem Rawat: And It Is Divine magazine