Bal Bhagwan Ji


Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, gave this satsang in Montrose, Colorado, July 27, 1972.

One question I will put before everyone and that is, what is the difference between a dead man and a living man? People will say the difference is breath. Now let us make one test and see what is the distinction, and this process will be a very convincing one.

For instance, I take Mr. X and close his nostrils like this, hmm? After a minute he will say, "Oh please let me breathe in."

"Okay, you breathe in," then again close his nostrils and his mouth.

He will say, "Now please let me breathe out." This breathing out and in is the process by which he is living. If this process stops, Mr. X also stops living. So this breath is empirical, it is our essence.

What is this breath? What is the vital energy that is making us breathe in and out? We can only experience, we can only perceive, we can only know this energy when we are living, not when we are dead. So please do not have ideas that after going to the grave we will receive this energy. No. This is the right time. This is an opportunity that Guru Maharaj Ji is providing you. This breath is a factor that is deciding our life or our death, and it is not in me only, it is in every human being. Whether you are a Christian, whether you are a Hindu, whether you are a Muslim, Jain, Parsee, anybody; breath is in you.

Just like the Hindu God is not different from the Christian God; the God is one and the same. And that God is


Bal Bhagwan Ji uttering a cosmic vibration, a primordial vibration inside us that is said to be Tao in Taoism, that is said to be the Word, the Holy Name, in Christianity, that is said to be Sabd Brahm or the Brahmanic Word, manifestation of God, in Hinduism. This Word is the same. How will we receive this Knowledge, or the Knowledge of the breath?

By the knowledge of science we know that a liquid naturally travels from a high level to a low level, not from a low level to a high level. They make reservoirs very high on top of a mountain so that the water will flow down to its own level. Similarly, from higher consciousness, from a higher manifestation, this Knowledge will flow to the people who are at a low stage. Guru Maharaj Ji is overflowing this Knowledge, he is giving this Knowledge. He is distributing this Knowledge onto you people so that you can also become as he is.

Because, you see, one thing I ask you. Can you be the father without being a son? It's impossible. First of all you have to be a son, and then after son you will be a father. It is said that the child is the father of the man, and this is very, very true. Guru Maharaj Ji, who is a child Guru, is the Father of man. If you accept him, if you be his son, then after being a son you will become a father; you will be with the Father. That is why Jesus said, "I am the way." And the way is with Guru Maharaj Ji.

What is the way? Where is the direction? If you swing a magnet it will always face north and south. Whether we are Christians, Buddhists or whatever religion we belong to, like a magnet a person who has Knowledge, a true devotee, will always point north and south. This means he will always point to the direction where God is, where the Knowledge is. His mind will always function in that direction.

And what is liberation, what is salvation? Salvation is a ladder which joins manhood to Godhood. So dear devotees, you have that in you. Do you know what is the vital energy, what is the Word, what is the omnific Word that is making you live? I'm very, very serious about this. It's not a thing that you hear in your right ear and just let it leave out your left ear, no. You have to think in your own computer, feel it, and try to know. Try to have it analyzed as to whether you should know this or not know it.

A man will be the biggest fool in the



world if he knows everything but doesn't know himself. So even though you are discovering, inventing and analyzing different material phenomena, the spiritual phenomenon is still dormant inside us. We don't know it, so we have to go to a man who is on a higher plane. From him the Knowledge will flow automatically, like the water flows from a higher level to a lower level.

Yesterday you saw the play that Maharaj Ji wrote called "Krishna Lila." Now that play has a mystical meaning also. There were many gopis dressed in red and there was Krishna. Krishna represents soul, and the gopis represent our nature, our all-perceiving organs – the five sensory organs, the five working organs, the mind and the intellect. When all the gopis, remember there were twelve, when they meet Lord Krishna they all dance around him. And when their Krishna goes away they feel sad and unhappy.

Similarly, when there is no Knowledge of spirit the body feels unhappy. People in America have made everything, every luxury which is possible for man to achieve. But still they are unhappy. Why? The answer is that they have no marriage with soul, they have no contact with, no Knowledge of spirit. But just as the gopis found Lord Krishna, the senses find the soul. And all the senses enjoy soul.

See, in this world only soul is called sat chit and anand. Sat means truth, chit means consciousness, and anand means bliss. This is called a flower, this is called a microphone, this is called cloth; they are not called sat-chit-anand. So if you want anand, if you want bliss you must find soul for it, not this microphone, not this world, not this material aspect.

Now take a box. A box has four sides, and if you see any one side you are seeing the box. Similarly, God has four sides, four Knowledges, and if you take any of the four Knowledges you are seeing the soul, you are seeing God. In the ancient scriptures you'll find that there are not five Vedas, there is not one Veda, there are four Vedas: Yajur Ved, Athur Ved, Sam Ved, and Rig Ved; and Ved means Knowledge. These Vedas are the theoretical aspects of God and now Guru Maharaj Ji is giving you the practical aspect.

How fortunate we are to receive this Knowledge without any cost. I'll give you an example of what a devotee should do after receiving the Knowledge and try to grasp the meaning, the total meaning. There is an ocean, and in that ocean a man is drowning. There is another man who is standing on a cliff who sees the man drowning, and through compassion, through mercy, he throws the rope. That drowning man catches the rope, the man on the cliff pulls the rope, and the man simply comes up to the surface of the water.

But that man is a fool. And because he is a fool he thinks, "I am out of the water, why should I now hold this rope?" And he drops it. As soon as he drops the rope he again goes into the water and again is drowning. The man standing on the cliff again throws the rope, and this time he catches the rope very firmly; he never leaves the rope. The man pulls him, and the man who was drowning is on the cliff. So the man who was pulling the rope says, "My dear fellow, leave the rope now, there is no use for it. Because now you are on the cliff, you are not in the sea."

The same thing is happening with us. We were drowning in the ocean of illusion. Guru Maharaj Ji was standing on the cliff and he threw the rope of Knowledge. Many devotees caught it and they thought, "Now we have the Knowledge! What is the use of meditation? We know the Holy Name. We know the Word and what is the use of meditation?" And they left it. And when they leave it, again they are in the ocean drowning, again they are in the illusion.

But through mercy, through compassion, through love, Guru Maharaj Ji again throws the rope of Knowledge, and this time you catch it firmly, hold it firmly, and he pulls you out. When you are on the same high level of consciousness, then you leave the rope. And that's called liberation. That's called salvation.

So let us now understand one thing, and that is to serve the Guru. And to follow the middle path. Because the middle path is the best path.

Once Buddha was meditating and there were two ladies singing a song. They were singing, "Do not tighten the string of the sitar so much that it breaks, and do not loosen the string of the sitar so much that no sound comes out." The idea was to have it 'tightened properly. So whether you have a material aspect or a spiritual aspect, the best is to follow the middle path, to lead the middle life, and that is to balance the two.

Now, how to balance the two? Daily in twenty-four hours you are taking 21,600 breaths. Now, however much you work in the daytime, you should meditate that much to compensate, to balance the two. And that is why we require a meditation that can be constant.

You must have heard about the philosopher's stone. That stone has a peculiar quality which is that if any, any, any iron comes in contact with it, that iron becomes gold. God is pure. If we come in contact with God we will not make God impure, but God will make us pure instead. And that's the quality.

So all the devotees should try to be pure because it is said that "Blessed are those pure in their hearts for they shall see God." Go ask priests and ministers this question, "Have you seen God?" They say, "No," because they are not pure. If you have seen God that means you are pure, so seeing God is a sign of purity. Now what is purity? How can you be pure? By Knowledge. All the ignorance is removed by this Knowledge. In the Bible it says "to cast out evil spirits." That means casting out ignorance.

When scientists detonated the atomic bomb four things came out in the explosion. One was light – which means that light is inside an atom. You are made up of billions and billions of atoms. You also contain light; your atoms also contain light. This light is called divine light: the same light Moses saw on the mountain when he closed his eyes, and it's "the light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world." Saint John the Baptist was sent to bear witness to this light.

There was a blast, the atomic blast, which signifies the Holy Word which was "In the beginning…" There was radiation, or vibration, nuclear vibration, which is divine harmony. And there was heat which is like nectar. We have nectar inside us and that is why we have heat. When people have a cut they put their saliva on it and the cut is healed. That means our saliva contains some healing power, and that healing power is nectar.

I'll tell you one thing. There was a formula given by Einstein, E = mc2. That "E" stands for energy, "m" for mass, and "c2" for velocity of light squared. Now this is one example that will explain everything to you because most of the people here know science. All the mass we have here, its origin is energy which Maharaj Ji is speaking of. "M" is mass, so all this mass you have, your body, your food, your clothing, must have come from energy.



There was gradation in velocity of light, and this gradation we see in all these planets which are moving. There's a velocity there. Even in the electron there is a velocity.

By experiencing divine light, by realizing divine light, you increase your speed, and when you increase your speed you merge into light. And when you merge into light, when your velocity of light, c squared, is increased, the mass diminishes and you turn back to energy. To equate the balance, to equate the equation E=mc2, when c2 is increased the mass diminishes, and when the mass diminishes you go back to energy, absolute energy.

Try to think on this formula, and that's salvation. If you roast a seed, will it grow? Never. If you roast your own seeds that you have which are responsible for transmigration of soul, if you roast those seeds by divine flame, never will they grow. You are completely liberated. And that's real liberation.

So now here we are celebrating Guru Puja festival, and many people on the stage say it is far out, far out. Well, I think it's far in, instead of being out. Now take this whole festival, give it a place in your heart, and daily celebrate this Guru Puja festival. Guru is eternal. And this festival should be eternal. Yes. When there is Guru, there has to be worship; his worship is necessary.

Devotees who are returning to their ashrams and those returning to their work and families we say are "blissed out," but now it is time to bless out this Knowledge, and people who are really blessed out need no blessing. They are completely full. So now you must go back to your places and spread this Knowledge. You are the hands and feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, you are his fingers and through you he is working, actually. Through you he is performing his miracles; and this is really a miracle.

Christ performed many miracles. But all those miracles have a spiritual meaning, a mystical meaning. People say, "He performed many miracles." But if he performed many miracles, then why was he crucified? Miracles are not the real test of a True Master. The Knowledge is the real test. People say, "Jesus gave life to the dead." But again – he was crucified. The Knowledge is the test, and Jesus said, "There will be no test given for the true Master, there will be no test. There will be only Knowledge:" So receive his

Knowledge and try to know what he is through his Knowledge only. That's the only channel.

Tomorrow we will return to our homes, but the real home is somewhere else. You see, there are some certain natural laws. You throw a stone high up in the sky, and because that stone is part and parcel of this whole earth, by virtue of gravity it will again come back on this earth. We take a child away from its mother. Leave that child and that child, because he is a part and parcel of mother will move toward mother. I heard that scientists are creating test tube babies. In a test tube they can produce a baby, but can they love a baby? Never. So still God reigns over all. Still God is powerful. Because a test tube cannot love a baby like a mother can.

Take a fire. You see that flame goes toward air because fire is a product of oxygen and is in air. All rivers flow toward the ocean because they are part and parcel of ocean. We are part and parcel of God; and we have a natural tendency to go toward God. And God is inside us, so naturally we have to introvert ourselves toward him. Just as a tortoise simply closes all his limbs and is secure, similarly, we have to close all our limbs, concentrate all our perceiving organs, close them, and then be one only; be conscious of consciousness. And that's completion.

See, there is I-ness and there is thy-ness. No man can serve two masters at one time. If one master says, "Bring me water," and the other master says, "Bring me air," or, "Bring me fire," then that servant cannot serve the two masters at the same time. He will obey the first one and neglect the second, or vice versa. And here we have two masters, one is Satan and one is Guru Maharaj Ji. Who to serve? You cannot serve both of them. We have to choose.

Now what is this ego? There's the ocean, and if 'you take a drop of water out of it that drop is not ocean. That drop is limited. That drop becomes finite, it's not infinite. In the same way this ego actually makes us limited. By ego we say, "I, I, I, this is my, this is me, this is mine…" and you limit yourselves when this world is yours. When that drop mixes with the ocean it becomes ocean, so when we submit ourselves up, when there is submission, when we offer ourselves up, we actually don't lose anything but we receive infiniteness.

I'll give you one demonstration. Have you seen a sugar cube? That cube has length, breadth, and height, three dimensions. You put that sugar cube into a glass of water, where does the length go, where does the height go, where does the breadth go? Can you tell me? It simply goes into water. Similarly, we devotees, who have three dimensions, when we merge with God we become infinite. There is no length, there is no breadth, and it is called salvation; it is called tranquillity. Saturation.

This soul has evolution and we have to reach the peak of evolution, the peak of our life. And man is doing that thing through various means. But the real path – see, you cannot eat food from your ear or from your nose, there is only one path and that's your mouth. Similarly, there is one way; God is one and there is one way. People say there are many names of God. But when God is one, his Name must be one. You cannot have different Names there. So by this Knowledge we devotees have to merge with his Name.

One saint said Guru is like denter. There is a big dent in your car and you go to a denter and say, "Please remove the dent." What does he do? He places one hand behind the dent and with the other hand he simply hammers and makes the whole dent smooth, and the dent is removed. Guru is acting like a denter. He is putting one hand of grace, of Knowledge, inside us, and with the other hand he is giving us blows of materialism; all hardships are coming toward us, we have all the negative things. But he is removing the dents and we become perfect after that. All that dentedness is removed.

This is the function of Guru. When a devotee goes to him the imperfectness is removed by a perfect man. Only a burning candle can kindle other candles, other lamps. Only an enlightened Guru can enlighten you.

So the time is getting late and I think there will be a show of the film, "Lord of the Universe." No? Too much wind. You see, nature is helping you. There was at first a little bit of drizzle when the festival started and the dust all settled. Then we had plenty of sunshine, we have plenty of water here, beautiful earth and there is a full moon. Earlier there were many mosquitoes all over the stage but now the wind has come and they are gone. So nature, all five elements, is helping you.

So in a subtle way Guru Maharaj Ji


Bal Bhagwan Ji has provided you with everything, and in turn we are grateful to him. He has given you Knowledge, he has given you love, he has given you light.

I'll tell you about the seven lights of the spectrum. There is a white ray of light which contains seven colors, but without using a prism you can't have the seven colors. You can only have a white light but you can't see the seven colors latent in that 1 ight.

Guru Maharaj Ji is providing you with the prism of Knowledge, and that prism simply opens everything before you. The whole spectrum is before you. The whole panorama of creation is before you. You see the seven colors in the divine light experience.

In Revelations something is said about the four angels and the four beasts. The four beasts – one is a lion, one is a calf, one is man, and the other is an eagle. Now, lion represents power, all animals which eat meat. calf represents all animals which eat grass, man is man, and eagle is all animals which fly in the sky. Now all these are worshipping what? They are helping what? Man. And man is worshipping in turn the four angels, and you have to discover where the four angels are. That's your job, you see, it's not my job. It is hide and seek.

First of all you were all hidden. Nobody was there. So Guru Maharaj Ji played his role, he actually found you all. Now it's your role to find him. That's the game of hide and seek; that's called lila. Like in the play we just saw, "Krishna Lila," that's the play of hide and seek.

It's like a shepherd who has hundreds of sheep, and if one sheep is lost he'll leave the other ninety-nine and go search for the lost one. So Maharaj Ji has come here, while in India he could have had a much larger gathering than this. But actually he has come to this place just to see his lost sheep, just to find his lost sheep, you see? He is a shepherd, he is a fisher of men, he has caught you all, you see? He has caught men; he has fished men.

Thank you very much and blessings to you all. Now go to your ashrams and just blast like a bomb. See, we are a chain reaction, an atomic process – there must be a chain reaction in spiritual process also. So just have a chain reaction and within a few years you will have the whole world full of Knowledge, light and love. Thank you very much.